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Migrants Alabama News
Border policy straining Alabama schools as migrant student numbers rise

While schools nationwide have been experiencing an influx of students due to record-level crossings at the U.S. southern border, it appears Alabama is also seeing increased numbers.

Photo by Ivan Aleksic Alabama News
Almost a quarter of Birmingham City School students are ‘chronically absent’ from class, some schools over 50%

According to new statistics from the Alabama State Department of Education, 23.25% of Birmingham City Schools students are chronically absent, and some schools have chronic absenteeism rates above 50%.

Photo by Chichi Onyekanne Alabama News
Alabama public schools graduation rate falls by nearly 9% in 2023; Improvements made in college readiness, English proficiency

The Alabama State Department of Education received an 83% on its annual report card for the second year in a row, yet the graduate rate decreased by almost 9%. 

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Alabama College Republicans back bill to add financial literacy requirement to Alabama high schools

The College Republican Federation of Alabama is backing a bill in the Alabama House of Representatives to require students to learn financial literacy before graduating high school in the state.

Gordon Persons Building Alabama News
Alabama Department of Education considering spending $200K on artwork

The Alabama State Department of Education is thinking about spending $200,000 to commission a piece of artwork in the department’s Gordon Persons building in Montgomery.

Graduation Photo by Leon Wu unsplash com Alabama News
Reports claim declining graduation rate for Class of 2022 in Alabama high schools actually preliminary data for Class of 2023; Department of Education blames COVID

Earlier this week, several media outlets reported on graduation statistics from the Alabama Department of Education, which showed graduation rates falling below 90% in the state for the first time since 2018.

MONEY SCHOOLS EDUCATION APPLE CASH CHALKBOARD BY Noita Digital Louis Hansel and Sharon Mc Cutcheon Alabama News
Justin Bogie: With billions of federal education dollars unspent, why does the Alabama Department of Education continue to ask for more?

If there was truly an “emergency” and the funds were needed immediately to allow schools to continue to operate, why does so much of it remain unspent over two years later?

kids in school, education Alabama News
Alabama Department of Education issues school report cards — Did your child's make the top 10?

The Alabama State Department of Education released on Friday its statewide school report cards for 2021-2022.

Milk Cow AP Photo by Ross D Franklin Alabama News
Ag. Commissioner Pate working to solve potential milk shortage ahead of Dothan dairy closure

The Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries responded to the upcoming closure of Borden Dairy production in Dothan and suggested Alabama schools could potentially be turning to milk that doesn't require refrigeration. 

Graduation Photo by Jane Carmona unsplash com Alabama News
Alabama Department of Education to consider requiring graduates to prove they are ready for college or the workforce

The Alabama Department of Education (ADE) may begin requiring seniors to prove they are ready for a job or college before they can graduate.

Daycare. Classroom. School. Children. Alabama News
Special education in Alabama and options for parents

According to the Alabama Department of Education (ADE), the state will spend as much as it needs to in order to provide education for every child, even those with the most severe special needs.

ALFA Car Reggie White Alabama News
Alabama Teacher of the Year receives new car

Alabama’s Teacher of the Year received a substantial gift from an Alabama Insurance powerhouse on Friday.