Rise to the Moment of Truth Sunday, June 16, 2024

Tag: Allen Keller

Lady Justice Alabama News
Allen Keller: Lady Justice, Mother Democracy

We can resurrect these tattered maidens of democracy and justice, worn though they are. All it takes is a long, truthful look in a mirror that isn’t faulty … and a willingness to make some very tough admissions.

Monument Alabama News
Allen Keller: Grasping for history

The history of mankind is checkered with horrendous sins and shortcomings and crimes that any decent society ought to want to obliterate. But there is a danger of losing ourselves completely in a cannibalistic process.

Unforgiveable Alabama News
Allen Keller: The real unforgivable sin

The only real unforgivable sin with which we ought to concern ourselves, the only one that ultimately damns us, is the one of rejecting the Gospel itself. To think that we, and the pasts we carry, are just too BIG, and that God is too small.

Lent Alabama News
Allen Keller: Give me liturgy or give me death

Upon reflection, I realized that I was wanting all the poetry of high church liturgy, without the prosaic struggles of Lent. A heterodox theological position, if there ever was one.