Rise to the Moment of Truth Sunday, April 2, 2023

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Recession fears complicate tax talks in Alabama: 'There’s scary times out there'

Will the United States, and thus Alabama have been in or be in a recession by this time next year?

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API working to inform parents of school board members’ stances on hot-button issues

After months of gathering information to contact school board members across the state, the Alabama Policy Institute (API) has released an online survey asking their opinions on issues such as CRT, SEL, school choice, equity, and demographics.

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API: The Parent’s Choice Act can be a game-changer for Alabama students

By Caleb Crosby, Phil Williams, Carl Jones, Parker Snider, and Justin Bogie For over 18 months now, we’ve watched as states around...

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API releases conservative platform for Alabama

Continuing its efforts to guide and influence conservative political leaders and candidates in the State of Alabama, the Alabama Policy...