Rise to the moment of truth Thursday, October 6, 2022


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Congress approves NASA Authorization Act

“With strong support from the Biden-Harris Administration as well as this authorization, NASA will continue to advance scientific discoveries, enable sustainable aviation, address climate change, and much more,” NASA Administrator Bill Nelson said.

Webb Space Telescope image
NASA releases first image from James Webb Space Telescope

"Webb's First Deep Field is not only the first full-color image from the James Webb Space Telescope, it’s the deepest and sharpest infrared image of the distant universe, so far,” said NASA Administrator Bill Nelson.

Starliner returns to Earth 2
Starliner returns to Earth completing its mission

“We have had an excellent flight test of a complex system that we expected to learn from along the way and we have,” said Boeing Vice President Mark Nappi. “Thank you to the NASA and Boeing teammates who have put so much of themselves into Starliner.”

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James Webb Space Telescope launched

By Brandon Moseley At 6:20 CST on Christmas Day, the James Webb Space Telescope was successfully launched into space from the European...