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Alabama political news casino cartoon Alabama News
Stephanie Holden Smith: Crime pays in Alabama

Some Senate members may have had good intentions to pare down the corrupt House bills that expanded gambling by millions of percentage points statewide, but they didn’t go far enough to protect the vulnerable or remove the corruption.

Bobby Singleton Alabama News
Senate Minority Leader Bobby Singleton: Gambling legislation has 70% chance of passing

Gambling legislation has a good chance of passing the Senate if it hits the floor, according to Senate Minority Leader Bobby Singleton (D-Greensboro).

House gambling vote Alabama News
API report breaks down ‘hotbed of corruption’ gaming legislation

The Alabama Policy Institute (API) released a report outlining concerns about the gaming bills passed by The Alabama House of Representatives last week.

Gov. Kay Ivey. Alabama News
Ivey backs gambling push: ‘Now is the time for Alabama voters to have another say on this issue’

Alabama legislators should pass a constitutional amendment allowing for expanded legalized gambling to appear on the ballot in November, according to Gov. Kay Ivey.

Singing Alabama News
Phil Williams: Casinos and tone-deaf politics

Politicians need to sing to their audience, not to themselves. They need to sing (and govern) in a manner that does not look, sound, or feel like they are so tone deaf that they are missing what really matters to the people who elected them.

Gerald Dial: Supreme Court casino decisions an insult to every Republican

In the early 80s we provided some incentives to recruit Mercedes to locate a factory in Alabama.