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Photo from the ALD Cs website Alabama News
Alabama Department of Commerce records six economic development incentives since transparency legislation went into effect in July

Earlier this year, the Alabama Legislature passed the Transparency in Incentives Act, which requires the Alabama Department of Commerce to publish certain information about incentives through the Alabama Jobs Act.

Photo from the Alabama Department of Commerce Facebook page Alabama News
Department of Commerce: Economic incentive transparency only applies to new projects — Old projects will not be disclosed

Earlier this year, a title wave of op-eds on various Alabama press websites exalted Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey’s economic incentive “Game Plan,” which moved smoothly through the legislature and officially became law in April, extending special privileges and rewards to specific corporations. 

Photo from Google Maps Alabama News
Birmingham City Council approves $1.3 million in parking authority funds to renovate part of abandoned parking deck into a restaurant

The Birmingham City Council approved over $1 million in funds from the Birmingham Parking Authority to go toward renovating an abandoned parking garage for a local restaurant.

Troy University Alabama News
FIRE urges Troy to address leaked emails from trustees attempting to redirect research at free market think tank at the behest of Alabama Power, BCA

The Foundation of Individual Rights and Expression addressed a letter last week to Troy University Chancellor Jack Hawkins urging him to address leaked emails in which he and Troy trustees discuss vetting research topics at a free-market think tank due to complaints from Alabama Power and the Business Council of Alabama.

State Sen. Chris Elliott Alabama News
State Sen. Elliott: Orr tourism incentives comments 'hyperbole,' 'not exactly accurate'

Thursday, State Sen. Arthur Orr (R-Decatur) offered a scathing critique of the Jobs Act during a speech on the floor of the Alabama State Senate. During an appearance on Mobile radio FM Talk 106.5's "The Jeff Poor Show," Orr's colleague State Sen. Chris Elliott (R-Josephine) was critical of Orr's tack.

Alabama Senate Ainsworth Alabama News
Senate passes two economic incentive bills — Ivey’s 'Game Plan' facing zero opposition in Statehouse thus far

The Alabama Senate voted in favor of two bills on Thursday that, if passed, will expand special privileges and tax abatements for specific corporations in the state but also impose transparency requirements on certain economic incentives.

House of Representatives chamber in the Alabama State House Alabama News
Alabama House unanimously passes economic incentive package to expand special funding, tax abatements for private corporations

The Alabama House of Representatives passed four economic incentive bills included in Gov. Kay Ivey’s “Game Plan,” expanding the state’s ability to provide special funding and tax abatements to specific corporations.

Pittman82 Alabama News
'People call us free enterprise, which we have a lot of — but we're a fascist economy in a lot of ways': Fmr State Sen. Pittman weighs in on good, bad of economic incentives

Next week, the Alabama Legislature is expected to proceed with a final vote on extending its economic incentives program, which state-level policymakers have touted as vital to the state's economic success.

Gov. Kay Ivey State of the State. Alabama News
Ivey details proposed bills in ‘Game Plan’ to expand tax abatements, government funds for specific corporations

On Monday, Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey revealed more details of her economic incentive “Game Plan,” specifying the actions she wants the Legislature to take this spring.

Stantis331 Alabama News
Leaked emails: Troy trustees plotted to censor free-market think tank for criticizing state government's economic incentives after Alabama Power, BCA complaints

A leaked email conversation between several trustees at Troy University shows prominent individuals in the state discussing how to “vet topics” at a university-affiliated think tank for being critical of economic incentive programs due to complaints from Alabama Power and the Business Council of Alabama (BCA). 

Orr Alabama News
State Sen. Orr: 'I'd love to see some kind of federal prohibition on states or even local governments giving out incentives'

Everybody else does it, so we have to. Basically, that is what Republican lawmakers have told constituents about the state's use of economic incentives, which they will readily acknowledge in theory, is a gross violation of free market economics.

Troy University Alabama News
'Good-ole-boy-type cronyism,' 'Pro-business but not pro-economic freedom': Heavy-handed tactics alleged at Troy University to stop criticism of RSA, force backing of economic incentives

A former professor at Troy University is accusing the college of targeting him for criticizing the Retirement System of Alabama (RSA).

BCA Alabama News
Business Council of Alabama vows to continue push for economic incentives in four-year plan

The Business Council of Alabama announced its new four-year “Renew Alabama” plan last week, promising to continue lobbying the state legislature to keep offering payments and tax credits to select private businesses.

Photo from the Business Council of Alabama's Facebook page Alabama News
House Speaker Ledbetter to BCA: Economic incentives renewal one of the 'biggest legislative issues this session'

While speaking to the Business Council of Alabama on Tuesday morning, Speaker of the Alabama House of Representatives Nathaniel Ledbetter (R-Rainsville) gave his support to expanding economic incentive programs for select businesses in the state.

Alabama Capitol Alabama News
Economist: Alabama has a history of making ‘drastic moves in the wrong direction,’ criticizes economic incentives, state income tax, retirement system

State legislators have consistently insisted the state can't afford to permanently cut income taxes, much less eliminate them altogether. Lawmakers have also strayed away from reforming the state’s retirement system, even as it reported negative returns in 2022. One economist says they’re all wrong.

Hyundai Motors Montgomery Alabama News
Report: Hyundai in talks with Department of Labor over child labor violations

Representatives from Hyundai Motor Company told media that the company is working with the U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL) to address an investigation that uncovered underage workers at factories that belonged to some of its suppliers.

AL Lt Governor Ainsworth Will AP Photo by Mallory Moench Alabama News
Ainsworth: Economic incentives not 'corporate welfare'; Says impact could mean tax cuts, positive trickle-down effect

Lieutenant Gov. Will Ainsworth, who chairs the economic incentives study committee, insists the economic benefits are a net positive for the state and should not be dismissed as corporate welfare.