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Garden from Markus Spiske
As grocery prices rise, can gardening and raising food at home save money?

As poultry and produce prices skyrocket due to inflation, many Alabamians are looking for ways to keep food on the table without taking a hit. Some have turned to growing and raising their own food. 

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Colors of fall and why leaves change colors

By Craig Monger As the weather changes around the state, so do the colors that saturate the beautiful landscape.  Leaves can go from...

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Macon County man uses strawberries to teach students about agriculture.

By Craig Monger A Macon County man has been helping children at George Washington Carver Elementary School (GWCES) learn about gardening...

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Good bugs, bad bugs: Know the difference

Bugs, much like reptiles, mammals, and realtors, come in categories of good and bad. Good bugs can be beneficial to your home’s ecosystem,...