Rise to the Moment of Truth Friday, May 24, 2024

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angry protestors Alabama News
Lauren DeMoss Benson: Being offended is not a virtue

I find it comical at this point watching even conservatives being outraged about the smallest things, and I’m convinced some people just wait around for the next thing to make them outraged. 

Nasvhille shooting Alabama News
Lauren DeMoss Benson: Stop blaming entire groups for the actions of one

When a white man shoots up a church, leftists use that incident to prove white men are inherently evil and prone to violence. Those on the right correctly argue that we cannot make that claim based on one evil man. It’s just not good reasoning or logic.

Lauren De Moss Benson Alabama News
Lauren DeMoss Benson talks forcing LGBT subject matter on kindergartners on News Talk 93.1 'News & Views'

Listen to 1819 News Contributor Lauren DeMoss Benson on "News & Views" with Joey Clark as they discuss the secret curriculum chosen by Ivey appointee Kevin Balius who once co-wrote an article advocating the forced instruction of LGBT subject matter on children as young as kindergartners.

Call Alabama News
Lauren DeMoss Benson: The call is coming from inside the house

This is not just a fight in blue states far away. The call is now coming from inside the house as we enter the fight of our lives for our children, here in our own state of Alabama.

Social media Alabama News
Lauren DeMoss Benson: Social media and a life well lived

“Owning the libs” and winning arguments online is a poor substitute for a life well lived, and winning on social media cannot replace winning in real life.

Silenced Truth Alabama News
Lauren DeMoss Benson: Truth for peace is not a fair trade

Yes, we need brave truth tellers in public office. Yes, we need them in the media. But more than that, we need them in the daily lives of American citizens everywhere.