Tragedy struck Nashville, Tenn., on March 27 when a 28-year-old female brought several firearms into The Covenant School, a private Presbyterian elementary school, and fatally shot three students and three teachers before she was killed by police.

A community is shattered, a nation is in mourning once again, and six families are without loved ones.

In the hours after the incident, it was discovered that this biological woman used he/him pronouns and identified as male, although little is known about her medical history.

This is where I get confused.

Conservatives all over the internet have taken this information as a green light to paint the entire transgender population as violent criminals capable of such evil. They have decided to lay blanket blame on an entire people group for political points in the midst of a horrific tragedy.

I am not pro-transgenderism by any means. As a conservative, I do not condone or support that ideology whatsoever, and as a Christian, I believe transgenderism is anti-God and anti-people. Furthermore, it’s unloving to allow people to believe delusions that will result in their own destruction.

However, as a person with just an ounce of common sense, I cannot see how it is logical or right to use the evil actions of one evil person to justify demonizing a group they “belong to” just because I don't agree with said group.

When a white man shoots up a church, leftists use that incident to prove white men are inherently evil and prone to violence. Those on the right correctly argue that we cannot make that claim based on one evil man. It’s just not good reasoning or logic.

There are evil people that belong to every single group you can think of. There are people in groups I belong to whose actions I would not want to be judged by.

“That was just one evil person,” we often respond when people in our “groups” commit atrocities. “That doesn’t mean every single person in that group is like that.” This is logical reasoning … so why would we not use the same logic in this circumstance of the transgender school shooter?

There are many reasons and motives for why people do evil things and hurt innocent people — reasons that often have little to do with the color of their skin, or their religion, or their sexuality. I do believe transgendered people are deeply confused, and yes, even sometimes mentally ill, but I do not believe we can use this tragedy to prove they are all evil or violent. Any person who would seek to harm and kill innocent people is mentally depraved and ill, no matter their pronouns.

What good does it do anyone to point fingers and disparage an entire group of people based on one person’s sick, twisted, and hateful actions? It only fuels hate. It only fuels division. It only proves the left’s accusation that conservatives are hateful bigots who stereotype people they don’t like or understand. It makes us hypocrites.

Instead, we must reject the cultural Marxist ideology that would section us off into the “groups'' we belong to. Doing so would place the blame on the shoulders of the shooter, not the group. Conservatives are for personal responsibility after all.

If you don’t agree with a certain group of people, then discuss the disagreement. Have a conversation. Come up with better arguments. Not doing so is not only illogical, it is unhelpful.

Why not discuss ways we can reverse woke ideology and get more help for children who are gender-confused? These children need adults who have compassion for them, who know the truth and will speak the truth in order to save their souls.

Why not have productive conversations about how we can come together and protect children from school shootings? We should be offering solutions to this problem — besides the tired old “no guns” argument — so that it is not even an option to take away our Second Amendment rights.

There are a million other productive conversations we should have, and yet all we hear is how transgendered people are the entire problem. We are missing the bigger picture, and we are doing exactly what we accuse the left of doing—politicizing a tragedy to the detriment of our society.

Call this situation what it is: an evil person committing unspeakable acts on the innocent with no one to blame but the shooter.

Pray for the victim’s families. Pray for the students and families at The Covenant School. Pray for Nashville. Pray for our nation.

But don’t get pulled into politics when people are suffering. Focus on solutions instead of political points by laying blame on the “other side.”

That is what I plan to do.

Lauren is a wife, mother, and writer with a passion for boldly speaking truth. Writing and speaking for over a decade, Lauren has reached millions worldwide. She is known for her Biblical approach to controversial topics and humorous approach to counteracting the lies of the world. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram at @laurendemoss.

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