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McCutcheon State of the County 2023 Alabama News
Madison County chairman Mac McCutcheon highlights area's growth in State of the County address — 'Quality of life is the number one focus of your county government'

Madison County chairman Mac McCutcheon delivered the county’s annual State of the County Address on Tuesday, highlighting the “positive impact” the local government has had during his first 10 months in office.

Finley Battle Mac Alabama News
Huntsville, Madison City, Madison County leaders alarmed by revelations about Space Command delay — 'Blatant attempt to skew independent findings and use highly questionable tactics'

Public officials in Madison County were alarmed by the information revealed Thursday after the U.S. House Committee on Armed Services announced it would launch an investigation into the ongoing delays in choosing a permanent U.S. Space Command (SPACECOM) Headquarters.

Mac McCutcheon Alabama News
Matt Clark: Why the McCutcheon story is so important

1819 News has made a good case that Mac McCutcheon was trading political favors for money. It also appears that his son was guilty of draining the company’s resources and then setting his business partner up for prison time. If true, this is bribery, financial corruption and perversion of justice.

Mccutchoens Alabama News
Chris McCutcheon used father's political access to boost business; Records show thousands of company's money spent on lavish vacations

The story of how Chris McCutcheon walked away with all the money and his former business partner got all of the blame is long and complicated.

Mac McCutcheon Alabama News
Mac McCutcheon intervened in the legislative process for son's medical testing company QBR, documents show

1819 News has recently uncovered documents that show that Mac McCutcheon intervened in the legislative process by sponsoring a resolution directly related to QBR’s core business, neuropathy testing.

Dr. Stewart Tankersley Alabama News
Fmr Ethics Commission member Stewart Tankersley on McCutcheon ties to QBR: 'It smells odd'

Former Alabama Ethics Commission member Dr. Stewart Tankersley said he was “amazed” when he read the details of McCutcheon's involvement with QBR.

Speaker Mac McCutcheon Alabama News
McCutcheon financially linked to CEO guilty of kickbacks, fraud — Records show favorable treatment from BCBS during tenure

House Speaker Mac McCutcheon (R-Monrovia) was on the payroll of an Alabama-based medical testing company called QBR Inc. years ago that has recently been the target of federal prosecutors.

Ledbetter Alabama News
Ledbetter to retain McCutcheon chief of staff Mark Tuggle for role

On Wednesday, State Rep. Nathaniel Ledbetter (R-Rainsville), the Republican nominee for House Speaker for the next quadrennium, announced former State Rep. Mark Tuggle (R-Alexander City) would serve as his chief of staff if elected as speaker during the organizational session early next year.

File 08459264 7d25 4c67 a649 3a187127eead Alabama News
House passes bill to allow 30-year retirement for Tier 2 education employees

The Alabama House of Representatives on Thursday passed legislation to allow Tier 2 education employees to receive their retirement...

File 309505ef 0a73 433b b657 0b71a033f355 Alabama News
Gun bills in Senate committee Wednesday

The Senate Judiciary Committee will take up controversial gun bills on Wednesday. The bills would allow Alabamians to carry their handguns...

File 41ddc2f7 4467 4417 808e e12b718ec588 Alabama News
House and Senate pass American Rescue Plan Act appropriation bills

The Alabama House of Representatives passed the American Rescue Plan Act appropriation on Tuesday with broad bipartisan support on...

File 9b0d0e36 16e5 45df 8061 3a66a46aa934 Alabama News
Alabama Speaker of the House announces changes and appointments in House Committee structure

Speaker of the House Mac McCutcheon (R-Monrovia) announced several changes in the House committee leadership structure. These changes...

File d9135640 409f 4179 adcf 398ffbbd059c Alabama News
State appealing court decision on redistricting; chair of reapportionment react

Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall (R) is appealing a decision by a federal court that would require the legislature to draw a...

File 5597f02d c6e8 4619 b9a3 a9f7f7b4d155 Alabama News
Alabama House Committee approves American Rescue Plan Act legislation

The House Ways and Means General Fund committee on Thursday gave a favorable report to legislation appropriating American Rescue Plan...

File f65563df 99c5 4151 be2d 2fcc6441c0be Alabama News
Could COVID slow down legislative session?

The Alabama legislature has found itself short five members due to COVID-19. With several legislators out due to illness, there are...

File 580a57e5 68c2 480c af36 1463c09698e1 Alabama News
McCutcheon says redistricting he “felt was very fair”

By Brandon Moseley Speaker of the House Mac McCutcheon stands by four redistricting plans that were passed by the Alabama Legislature...

File 140e14d0 d5b6 4d5b 952d 0582fd484749 Alabama News
House Health Committee passes vaccine mandate legislation

  By Brandon Moseley The Alabama House of Representatives will vote on two bills concerning vaccine mandates on Thursday. Although...

File 46f5c851 df07 475e a473 f699869cdeb9 Alabama News
Alabama House of Representatives meets for the first day of the special session

By Brandon Moseley The Alabama House of Representatives met for about 21 minutes on Thursday, the first day of the latest special session....