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Tag: pharmacy benefit managers

Capitol Dome Alabama News
Eric Hare: Congress, help employers offer competitive benefits

There aren't many things that are as important to an employer – no matter the size of the company – as being able to offer competitive, affordable health benefits. Today's labor market is competitive, and if a business isn't able to do its part by ensuring their employees and their families have access to high-quality healthcare coverage that doesn't break the bank, you can expect us to lose out on top talent.  

Wikle Rexall Drug Store, Anniston, Ala. Alabama News
Statehouse battle looms over pharmacy bill tax; Sponsor, pharmacists push back against 'misinformation'

Although it has not gotten nearly the attention that gambling, ethics, school choice or divisive concepts have thus far in the 2024 legislative session, a behind-the-scenes fight is being waged between pharmacists and the business community over House Bill 238 (HB238).

Doctor Patient Alabama News
Amie Beth Shaver: Medicine and the middleman

It's hard to unsee the cancerous mass the health care system has become.