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Kristin Landers: The good, the bad and the crazy in Alabama education

As crazy as you thought the state of Alabama could be, it got crazier over the holidays, particularly in the education sector. The few states ranked below us in education must be pleased. 

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Alabama public school officials 'cautiously optimistic' on improving academics post-COVID

Alabama State Department of Education director of communications Dr. Michael Sibley said March 13, 2020, was the day a previously distant thought became a reality. Then-President Donald Trump declared a National Emergency, and schools were suddenly closed.

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Joey Clark: Believe the lies of the system, citizen!

The truth of the education system’s failures lies somewhere in between everyone and no one's responsibility, citizen, which means you must believe the lie for the nobility of the system to survive.

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Alabama Department of Education: Fewer public high schools keeping naloxone on campus

Fewer Alabama public high schools are keeping the opioid-countering drug naloxone on hand, even as safety concerns due to fentanyl are on the rise.

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Drag queens, sex-ed and test scores, oh my! Top 5 education controversies from 2022

The content of public education has been a matter of contentious public discourse in the United States, and Alabama was no different in 2022.

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Alabama public school official sentenced in theft case

By Craig Monger An Alabama public school employee pled guilty to stealing from the Troy City School system. Attorney General (AG) Steve...

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Tennessee preacher urges state of Alabama to ban yoga

By Brandon Moseley Mike and Elizabeth Shreve of Cleveland, Tennessee released a statement in September asking the Alabama legislature...