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Riverfront Alabama News
Personnel Board reinstates two ADPH workers fired for being at viral Montgomery Riverfront brawl

On Wednesday, the State of Alabama’s Personnel Board reversed the firings of two employees terminated by the Alabama Department of Public Health in August after video and social media posts revealed their presence at the viral Montgomery Riverfront brawl.

Riverboat brawl Alabama News
Attorney for Montgomery riverfront brawl pontoon boaters asks judge to recuse herself

An attorney for two individuals charged with assault in the Montgomery Riverfront brawl in August filed a motion on Thursday asking the judge to recuse herself, alleging she is “predisposed” against the defense.

pickett Alabama News
Harriott II co-captain charged with assault in viral Montgomery Riverfront brawl

The co-captain of Montgomery’s Harriott II involved in a brawl in Montgomery's Riverfront Park that got national media coverage in August has been charged with assault.

Steven Reed Alabama News
Has Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed made it impossible for the Riverfront brawl suspects to get a fair trial?

Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed has been vocal about bringing those involved in the fight to justice, so much so that he may be tainting the jury pool and making it impossible for the suspects to receive a fair trial.

Photo from Live and Trendings Facebook page Alabama News
Joey Clark: 10 good men and the Montgomery Riverfront Brawl

Ten good men can save a city, but you probably won’t see them in the national headlines – instead they are usually found where no one else but God himself is looking.

Darryl Albert Alabama News
No race-related charges against 3 suspects in Montgomery Riverfront brawl

Three suspects in the brawl at the Montgomery Riverfront on Saturday are charged with assault, with no hate crime or racially related charges filed.

Roy johnson Alabama News
AL(dot)com columnist likens Riverwalk brawl to the modern race struggle — 'Not today, white people'

Although Montgomery Police have no reason to suspect a racial component behind the Montgomery Riverfront melee over the weekend, a columnist for AL(dot)com is suggesting the brawl is akin to the struggle black people face today.

Riverboat brawl Alabama News
Montgomery Riverboat captain speaks on Saturday brawl – 'This was not a black and white thing'

The riverboat captain of the vessel at the center of the recent Riverfront Brawl in Montgomery recently gave his side of the events as they’ve played out in a story that has grabbed national headlines.

Barret and reed Alabama News
Mayor Steven Reed, political opponent Barrett Gilbreath react to Montgomery Riverfront brawl: 'Justice will be served'

On Saturday, a massive brawl on Montgomery’s waterfront on the Alabama River led to multiple arrests.