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State Board of Education Alabama News
State Board of Education to vote on K-3 English language arts textbooks next week; List kept confidential

The Alabama State Department of Education (ALSDE) is slated to vote on the K-3 English language arts (ELA) textbooks on March 9, though specific books are currently kept confidential by state law.

Mackey927 Alabama News
State Education Superintendent Mackey's name removed from controversial 'sexual education' campaign board – 'Never notified of the ex officio appointment'

State Board of Education Superintendent Dr. Eric Mackey has requested his name and image be removed from the Alabama Campaign for Adolescent Sexual Health’s list of board members following controversy over the group’s promotion of inappropriate education materials.

Reynolds915 Alabama News
State BOE's Reynolds: Local school boards responsible for enforcement of Alabama's transgender bathroom law

Alabama’s transgender bathroom law is in full effect, and enforcement is left to local school boards, according to the BOE's Wayne Reynolds.

Bathroom man woman sex transgender by Juan Marin Alabama News
State Board of Education drops transgender bathroom law from meeting agenda

The Alabama State Board of Education (BOE) met Thursday to vote on several hot-button issues in the state, but an anticipated issue was left off the agenda.

Tim James and Betty Peters edited Alabama News
Betty Peters endorses Tim James for Governor

On Friday, the Tim James campaign announced that former State Board of Education (SBOE) member Betty Peters (R) was endorsing James for governor in the May 24 Republican primary.

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State BOE member supports legislation to consider overhaul of Alabama’s Textbook Law

The Alabama Legislature is poised to consider two bills overhauling the state textbook committee. Both pieces of legislation are designed...