The Alabama State Board of Education (BOE) met Thursday to vote on several hot-button issues in the state, but an anticipated issue was left off the agenda.

In April, the Alabama legislature passed House Bill 322 (HB322), which requires public K-12 schools to designate the use of rooms where students may be in various stages of undress on the basis of biological sex. The prohibition applies to bathrooms, showers, changing rooms, locker rooms or any other facility that is limited by gender.

State Rep. Scott Stadthagen (R–Hartselle), who sponsored the legislation, was told the BOE would vote on the issue on Thursday.

BOE President Pro Tempore Wayne Reynolds told 1819 News in August that the restroom issue would be on the docket.

The BOE meeting adjourned after voting on several issues, but the transgender restroom issue was not on the agenda.

Stadthagen said he was under the impression that the issue had been voted on and the BOE approved the measure. He was made aware that it was not on the BOE’s agenda after 1819 News reached out for comment on its exclusion.

“My understanding is that they voted today on it,” Stadthagen said. “I received a text today that said it was approved by the board.”

“[T]he last I heard, it was approved. Two members opposed, but it still was approved.”

According to Stadthagen, he later was told that the Board did not vote on his legislation because it was already law.

At the same meeting, the BOE issued a rule related to a law passed in April that prohibits discussing sexual orientation and gender identity in classrooms where it is not “age appropriate.”

Since both are Alabama state laws, it is still unclear why one would be excluded from a vote and another would be included.

Reynolds did not respond to inquiries from 1819 News regarding why the measure did not make its way onto the agenda.

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