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AL gavel Alabama News
Federal judge delays trial on Alabama’s youth transgender surgery ban pending SCOTUS decision

U.S. District Judge Liles Burke stayed a trial on Alabama’s Vulnerable Child Compassion and Protection Act on Tuesday after the Supreme Court of the United States agreed to hear a similar case involving the state of Tennessee last week.

State Rep. Mack Butler Alabama News
State Rep. Butler: 'We're all pretending' transgender behavior is normal — 'Up until Obama, it was always a mental defect, and he kind of popularized it'

During a Thursday appearance on Birmingham radio Truth 101.1 WXJC's "Priority Talk," State Rep. Mack Butler (R-Rainbow City) discussed his legislation to expand the prohibition of the discussion of sexual orientation and gender identity in K-5 classrooms to K-12 classrooms.

Marshall Alabama News
AG Marshall praises federal court for striking down injunction preventing Alabama from enforcing ban on trans surgeries for minors

The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals recently struck down an injunction prohibiting the state of Alabama from implementing its ban on performing transgender surgeries and hormone treatments for children.

Transgender child gay by Mercedes Mehling Alabama News
Laura Clark: Chief Judge Sutton’s epic smackdown of irreversible treatment of transgender youth

Chief Judge Jeffrey Sutton just issued a complete smackdown of the American Civil Liberty Union’s (ACLU) case against laws preventing minors from receiving “gender affirming care,” simultaneously affirming recent laws in Tennessee and Kentucky seeking to protect children from puberty blocking drugs and hormones.

William Jacobson Alabama News
Cornell Law professor William Jacobson praises Alabama law banning trans treatments for minors — 'The organized medical community has been completely corrupted'

While many celebrated that recent decision by the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals overturning the preliminary injunction against Alabama’s law banning transgender surgeries and hormones for minors, Cornell Law professor and founder of popular legal website Legal Insurrection William Jacobson said the fight to protect children from harmful medical treatments is far from over.

Frank M. Johnson Jr. Federal Building and United States Courthouse.Montgomery Federal Courthouse Alabama News
Appeals court strikes down injunction on Alabama law banning transgender surgeries, medications for minors

A recent decision by the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, Alabama could soon be able to enforce the Vulnerable Child Protection Act (VCAP), which bans transgender surgeries and hormones for minors.

Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall. Photo: Erica Thomas. Alabama News
AG Marshall files brief supporting Missouri law banning transgender surgeries, medicines for minors

On Thursday, Marshall announced a multi-state brief supporting Missouri’s law banning transgender surgeries and pharmaceuticals for minors.

Marshall Alabama News
AG Marshall gives hopeful outlook on defending Alabama law preventing transgender surgeries, medications for minors

At a recent meeting of the Autauga County GOP, Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall spoke at length about his office’s ongoing battle defending Alabama’s blocked law prohibiting transgender surgeries and medications for minors.

Steve Marshall Alabama News
AG Marshall files briefs in multiple states defending bans on transition surgeries, drugs

While currently defending Alabama’s Vulnerable Child Protection Act (VCAP) in the state, Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall joins briefs in several states that enacted similar laws.

Pride Alabama News
Devin Foley: Alabama, don't be Minnesota

I can still flee Minnesota and go to Alabama or another red state. But if Alabama makes the same mistakes and falls to the left, then where will you go?

Scott Harris, Kay Ivey Alabama News
AUDIO — State Health Officer Scott Harris in his own words: 'Appalled' by transgender legislation, 'This stuff outrages all of us,' 'A hot button for a certain group of voters'

On Wednesday, 1819 News learned State Health Officer Scott Harris was personally reaching out to lawmakers and other state officials to dispute an 1819 News report regarding remarks he had offered earlier in the week at the so-called "Substance Use and Social Justice Symposium" at the University of Alabama Birmingham (UAB).

Scott Harris UAB Alabama News
State Health Officer Scott Harris: ADPH ‘appalled,’ ‘outraged’ by state's transgender laws

Alabama's State Health Officer Scott Harris, who heads the Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH), said his department was "appalled" by Alabama laws addressing transgender issues.

Montgomery Federal Courthouse Alabama News
Federal judge rules in favor of Alabama in its continued fight to ban transgender medicine and surgeries on minors

The State of Alabama has won a small victory as it continues to fight challenges to its 2022 ban on transgender surgeries and hormones for people under 19.

Steve Marshall Supreme Court Alabama News
AG Marshall files brief defending Arkansas ban on transgender surgeries for youth

Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall led a second amicus brief to defend an Arkansas ban on transgender medical procedures for underaged persons.

Bathroom man woman sex transgender by Juan Marin Alabama News
State Board of Education drops transgender bathroom law from meeting agenda

The Alabama State Board of Education (BOE) met Thursday to vote on several hot-button issues in the state, but an anticipated issue was left off the agenda.

Transgender child gay by Mercedes Mehling Alabama News
Appeals court rules against Arkansas transgender hormone ban; Law similar to Alabama

A federal appeals court ruled that Arkansas cannot enforce its law banning transgender hormone treatment for minors, a law virtually identical to one passed by the Alabama Legislature earlier this year making its way through the federal courts.

school children Alabama News
Date set for arguments in Alabama's ban on transgender hormones for children

A federal appeals court will hear arguments in November over Alabama’s efforts to outlaw the use of transgender medications for minors.  

I Stock 1344413214 Alabama News
FDA adds new warning for commonly used puberty blockers

The Food and Drug Administration is warning of potential side effects in certain puberty-blocking drugs used in transgender treatments.

Courtroom with Gavel Alabama News
Multiple state entities challenge injunction against Alabama law banning transgender youth drugs, operations

Attorney General Steve Marshall and the Alabama Center for Law and Liberty have filed briefs challenging the injunction against a law that would ban transgender surgeries and hormone treatments for minors.

Transgender child gay by Mercedes Mehling Alabama News
Alabama law criminalizing meds for trans minors now in effect

Alabama was the first state to make it a crime to administer or prescribe puberty blockers and hormones to kids who identify as transgender. The new law took effect Sunday.