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Scott Harris Alabama News
Multiple bills filed to address appointment, power of State Health Officer

The Alabama Legislature is poised to address the State Health Officer's appointment and scope of authority through several bills filed in both legislative houses.

Scott Harris Alabama News
State Rep. Shirey says time is right to reform State Health Officer role

One area that got notice in 2023 but was thwarted by Democrat lawmakers was reforming the antiquated law governing the Alabama Department of Public Health and its leadership under the direction of the State Health Officer.

COVID Lockdown Alabama News
COVID fallout response likely to continue at the Alabama State House in 2024

The process and authority of Alabama’s State Health Officer continues to concern those who identified a potential glitch in the system after the COVID pandemic—a glitch that ended in devastation for some Alabama business owners.

Givhan Alabama News
State Sen. Givhan: Bill changing State Health Officer appointment coming in 2024, despite recent ADPH rule change

State Sen. Sam Givhan (R-Huntsville) says he still plans to file a bill changing the appointment method of the State Health Officer despite a recent administrative rule passed by the Alabama Department of Public Health limiting the emergency powers of the State Health Officer.

Orr Alabama News
State Sen. Orr: 'What we have in Alabama with regard to the medical field is an oligarchy'

On Friday's broadcast of Huntsville radio WVNN's "The Dale Jackson Show," State Sen. Arthur Orr (R-Decatur) reacted to the Alabama Department of Public Health's (ADPH) self-imposed "accountability measures," and if those would be sufficient for the power-wielding agency to avoid action from the Alabama Legislature.

Scott Harris Alabama News
Dr. Daniel Sutter: COVID lockdowns and the State Health Officer

Having the governor appoint a state health officer will not correct the deficiencies of our emergency powers laws, but the debate might encourage reforms before the next pandemic. 

Givhan Alabama News
Givhan says bill reining in State Health Officer power about accountability — 'State health department is not accountable to the people whatsoever'

Last week, off-the-cuff remarks given by State Health Officer Dr. Scott Harris at a University of Alabama at Birmingham event breathed new life into legislation offered by State Sen. Sam Givhan (R-Huntsville) to reform the Alabama Department of Public Health.

Alabama State Health Officer Scott Harris Governor Kay Ivey Health Department Coronavirus by Kim Chander AP Photo Alabama News
Justin Bogie: Alabama needs stronger reforms to curtail State Health Officer’s power

Givhan’s bill provides needed reforms that would potentially curtail the powers of the State Health Officer. Stronger restrictions and oversight provisions should be added to ensure that it does that.  

Givhan Alabama News
State Sen. Givhan: Expect movement on legislation to change how state health officer is selected

The turnover in the Alabama Legislature headed into the new quadrennium, combined with new leadership in the House of Representatives, has made State House expectations somewhat of a wildcard for 2023 and beyond.