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Handley Dig Alabama News
The rest is history: Handley High School teacher digging deep to teach

History class isn’t for everyone. Learning about things that happened thousands of years ago can be quite daunting for those who are more concerned about being present and enjoying life as it is. However, one east Alabama teacher is making learning great again and is going deep with her students … literally.

Photo from Mortimer Jordan High Schools website Alabama News
Teacher passes away at Mortimer Jordan High School; Class canceled for the day

Jefferson County School System administrators canceled school on Wednesday after a teacher died on a high school campus early Wednesday morning. 

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VIDEO: South Alabama students learning 2 sets of ABC's

By Randy Tatano   Hands down, she might be the most creative first-grade teacher you’ve ever seen.Or sometimes it’s hands up. Or sideways....

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South Alabama principal creates 'Vocabulary Parade' to improve literacy

By Randy Tatano Every little girl knows what a princess is. But how many of them know the term “royalty?” Well, if the kids at Flomaton...

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Shelby County Schools employee moves to south Alabama for ‘love of children and literature’

By Randy Tatano A former Shelby County Board of Education Division Assistant made a big career move to follow her dreams and help children...