Rise to the Moment of Truth Sunday, October 1, 2023


Jaden Heard Alabama News
Auburn TPUSA president Jaden Heard: 'Black Americans who are conservative have to speak out'

“I think a lot of young people are looking for hope. They’re looking for identity, and they’re putting their identity in things that are not Christ. You’re seeing where that’s leading now.”

Melissa Lacey Photo from Bob Jones High School Alabama News
Report claims Madison school teacher compared Turning Point USA to KKK, reveals leaked email, audio footage

A popular conservative student organization released leaked audio footage, which it claims is from a teacher at Bob Jones High School (BJHS) in Madison admitting to comparing the organization to the Ku Klux Klan. 

Black Student Union Alabama News
Auburn Black Student Union produces list of racial slurs for white people — Discovered on GroupMe text chat allegedly associated with organization

A whistleblower in the Auburn University Black Student Union claims to have retrieved a Google Doc from a group message associated with the organization, which lists over 250 racial slurs for white people, including “failed abortions,” “diseased neanderthals” and more.