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Rise to the Moment of Truth Thursday, July 18, 2024

Posts by Pete Riehm

Transgender flag, shadows and silhouettes of people on a road, conceptual picture about anonymous Transgender and Gay Lesbian in the World Alabama News
Pete Riehm: Extolling perversion at the expense of redemption

Why would the Biden Administration antagonize Christians in an election year?

Britt social media Alabama News
Pete Riehm: What is a woman? Sen. Katie Britt

Democrats can’t handle the truth, and they can’t handle a real woman.

Family Praying Alabama News
Pete Riehm: Even in darkness, we still give thanks

Our wearied nation has endured some dark times the past few years and the darkness does not seem to be dissipating, so it may seem difficult to give thanks.

Israel Flag Alabama News
Pete Riehm: It’s not really about Israel; It’s about God!

Israel is ground zero for this spiritual struggle, but really this is just the world rejecting God. This is the time for choosing.