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Richard Simmons: Faking it through life

Have you ever thought about how common it is for people to fake it through life? That is, to show yourself to be something you’re not?

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Richard Simmons: Love and marriage

Modern people seem to be driven by their feelings and no doubt Hollywood has had something to do with that, particularly when it comes to our feelings and romantic love. It is as if we can abdicate our responsibilities in marriage if we lose our feelings toward our spouse.

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Richard Simmons: The power of shame

I am discovering that many men suffer silently from shame. Shame has so much to do with the way you see yourself. Your sense of value and worth as a person. Shame generally is a result of perceived failure — whether it be business failure, financial failure, athletic failure, academic failure, relational failure or moral failure.

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Richard Simmons: Keystone habits

Back in 1987, Alcoa hired Paul O’Neil as its new CEO. Alcoa, which had been in business for over 100 years, was struggling and needed new leadership. O’Neil was a former government bureaucrat that no one had ever heard of.

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Richard Simmons: A reason not to believe

When it gets right down to it, so many people are not on a truth and wisdom quest but rather on a search for pleasure and happiness. It comes very naturally to be guided by our feelings and emotions and not by reason and the yearning to live in harmony with what is true. In other words, our quest for pleasure and happiness takes priority over reason and sound decision-making that leads to our personal well-being.

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Richard Simmons: What is the answer? Reflections after shooting at St. Stephen's

I have been writing weekly blogs since 2014. As I look back, I realize I have written a number of them in response to mass shootings in our country. I have had to edit this blog to include a shooting that took place this past Thursday at St. Stephen’s Episcopal church right here in Birmingham, Alabama. Three members were killed.

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Richard Simmons: A different perspective on pain and suffering

Modern people seem to struggle with the issue of pain and suffering more than anyone else in history. Here in the Western world, we live in such prosperity yet struggle so much more with affliction than people in other parts of the world.

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Richard Simmons: The great flaw in science

I think it is easy for us to assume that scientists are immune to the influence of their own beliefs and biases as they do research. We have this presumption that scientists are dispassionate and unbiased individuals who are committed to the truth and always simply report the facts. Kuhn’s book points out this fallacy, as his research into the history of science reveals that scientists are clearly not objective.

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Richard Simmons: Is your child perfect?

Recently in The Washington Post, there was an article on how perfectionism is destroying our young adults’ mental health. Parents are pushing their children to build the perfect college resume. It is one thing to be a conscientious high achiever, but it is another to be an unhealthy perfectionist.

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Richard Simmons: Understanding Vladimir Putin

The world is appalled by the senseless violence and death of innocent citizens in Ukraine. How can Vladimir Putin and the Russian leaders be so cruel and heartless, and have such a low regard for human life? I don’t think it’s difficult to understand.

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Richard Simmons: Protecting our greatest treasure

What we all must realize is that all material objects decrease in enjoyment and satisfaction over time. What this means is that our possessions fail to give us any degree of lasting happiness.

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Richard Simmons: Is God watching?

Have you ever given much thought to how certain people can commit unspeakably evil deeds? Most of us assume they are mentally deranged and sick, and in some instances they are.

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Richard Simmons: The presence of a moral law

(Part 3 of a three-part series on God’s signposts; see Part 1 here; Part 2 here) The third signpost that we should consider is the...

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Richard Simmons: God's signpost of love

(Part 2 of a three-part series on God’s signposts; see Part 1 here) A second signpost that points to the existence of God is the mystery...

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Richard Simmons: God's signposts

Renowned philosopher and theologian Thomas Aquinas believed and taught that God has left his imprint on life and on the world in which...

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Richard Simmons: Step into the light

I am of the opinion if you can get a religious skeptic to look seriously and with an open mind at the evidence for the resurrection...

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Richard Simmons: Moral Confusion

I recently watched a documentary in which a news reporter and a cameraman were asking a simple question of passersby on the street:...

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Richard Simmons: Violence and the human condition

In his wonderful book, Renovation of the Heart, philosopher Dallas Willard makes this observation: “Societies the world around are...

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Richard Simmons: What the world needs now

Back in the 1960s, Dionne Warwick recorded a hit song, What the World Needs Now is Love. It has remained popular over the years, not...

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Richard Simmons: How do you compare?

Have you ever thought about how profoundly our lives are shaped by the presence of the people in our lives? Recently I was speaking...

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Richard Simmons: The two sides of power

Several years ago, I wrote a blog about how nations rule over their people. It was a contrast between the Communist dictatorships of...

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Richard Simmons: Hope in a modern world

I was talking with a professional counselor recently and he confirmed something I had heard. Modern psychology believes in the inherent...

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Richard Simmons: To believe without evidence

You are probably not familiar with the name William Kingdon Clifford. He was a philosopher who lived in England 150 years ago. He was...

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Richard Simmons: Does truth really matter?

The great American author, Flannery O’Connor once made the assertion that “Christianity is worthless if it is not true.” Though I...

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Richard Simmons: Who decides what is moral?

We live in a time where people are truly perplexed over what has gone wrong with our world. There seems to be so much instability in...

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Richard Simmons: As life gets better, life gets worse

A number of years ago, Forbes Magazine celebrated 75 years as a publication. They issued a special edition that you would have thought...

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Richard Simmons: The dragon in the room

Close to twenty-five years ago, I read some words from Jack Welch that had a real impact on my life. Welch took General Electric, a...

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