Rise to the Moment of Truth Sunday, April 2, 2023

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Concealed weapon
'Turf War': Local, federal law enforcement challenged by Birmingham's ever-present gang violence threat

Officers say these groups have turf wars - basically, certain groups can’t enter the space occupied by other groups.

Overdoses overwhelm law enforcement — 'Enough fentanyl off Birmingham streets in 2022 to kill the entire state population of Alabama'

The Department of Homeland Security seized enough fentanyl off of Birmingham streets in 2022 to kill the entire state population of Alabama. Think about that for a minute.

Lora Whitehead
Birmingham self-defense instructor offers protection for runners

Birmingham businesswoman Lora Whitehead started running at 20 years old and has spent all of her adult life continuing that passion. 

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Athens' Ali Elizabeth Turner traces 1960s 'hippie' life to coming to Christ and the Iraq war in 'Ballad for Baghdad'

This is the story of Ali Elizabeth Turner — an ex-hippie chick, Vietnam War protester who now resides in Alabama. She is a fierce soldier supporter and spreads the word of God’s love to anyone who will listen to her.

Alabama cyber firm helping businesses worldwide recover from cyber attacks

“Cybercrime has been rising for decades, but the pandemic and remote users working from home have created the perfect storm for criminal hacking.”

Homeschool 3
Keyboard Warriors: Online platforms empower bullies to say things they wouldn't say to your face

Keyboard warriors and bullies will say a lot online but not to your face. So, what can you do about it?

The World Games
Volunteers undergo sex-trafficking training ahead of The World Games in Alabama

The highly-anticipated world games starts in less than six weeks and it's expected to bring thousands of people from over 100 countries into the Birmingham-metro. With that kind of influx, sex-trafficking is a concern for those in charge.