Rise to the Moment of Truth Saturday, June 10, 2023

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Will Ainsworth Alabama News
Lt. Gov. Will Ainsworth: As companies flee blue states, Alabama needs to make the case that they should relocate here

There are thousands of jobs on the line, and we need to make sure that companies looking to establish manufacturing bases choose Alabama to set up shop. 

Ainsworth Alabama News
Lt. Gov. Will Ainsworth: It's time to teach our students that the difference between happiness and regret is the ability to manage money

Despite rising salaries, a robust economy, and a highly competitive job market that is forcing some employers to entice new workers with signing bonuses, many Alabamians struggle financially and find themselves living paycheck to paycheck.

Grocery Store Alabama News
Lt. Gov. Will Ainsworth: We must act on this perfect opportunity to repeal the grocery tax

The best news is that we can end the sales tax on groceries without having to shift the burden or raise taxes elsewhere. Anyone who claims otherwise is simply not shooting straight with you.