Gubernatorial candidates from both major parties recently gathered at the Hoover Library for a candidate forum sponsored by LOCAL Alabama, Eagle Forum, Thatcher Coalition and 1819 News.

1819 News has produced a new video of this Forum, the first gathering of the majority of candidates, both Republican and Democratic, on one stage.

Six Democrats and five Republicans answered questions and discussed a variety of issues important to voters during the two-and-a-half-hour event.

Republican candidates in attendance included Lindy Blanchard, Lew Burdette, Dean Odle, Tim James and Dave Thomas. Dean Young, Stacy George and Gov. Kay Ivey were not in attendance. Ivey’s absence was noted by the moderators at the opening of the program.

All six of the Democratic candidates who qualified for the election were in attendance, including Yolanda Rochelle Flowers, Patricia Salter Jamieson, Arthur Kennedy, Chad “Chig” Martin, Malika Sanders Fortier and Doug "New Blue" Smith. All but Kennedy and Martin appeared on stage wearing masks.

The event was moderated by Allison Sinclair of LOCAL Alabama and Stephanie Smith of the Thatcher Coalition. Each candidate was given time for a brief introduction before proceeding to timed questions on each issue.

See 1819 News’ video below.