FAIRHOPE — Concerned citizens in Mobile and Baldwin Counties are taking action to protect family values and children during LGBTQ Pride Month. At least one local expert believes part of the LGBTQ movement is connected to a much more sophisticated, dangerous operation that threatens the U.S. Constitution.

Some are concerned that children will be exposed to inappropriate behavior and material during events such as pride parades and drag shows during festivals.

Images from pride events nationwide have been shared online, causing those concerns to grow. At one event in Seattle, children were seen looking on as nude bicyclists paraded downtown. At a public event in West Hollywood, where children were in attendance, a man dressed in bondage gear in the back of a truck was videoed while being choked and whipped.

These events did not happen in Alabama, but ahead of an event in Fairhope, organizers said they hoped to "bring San Francisco to Fairhope."

A prayer group quickly formed and gathered during the pride event at a nearby location last weekend. They told 1819 News they did witness some inappropriate items being given to adults, teens and children, including condoms and KY Jelly. Their concerns are that children are being groomed into the LGBTQ lifestyle and taught that men could become women and women can become men, which they say is not biologically possible.

Brian Dasinger, from the Church of the Redeemer, helped put the prayer event together.

"We want to protect our children and keep the family-friendly values," said Dasinger.

This weekend, there are pride events planned in Mobile. Dr. Martin Scott Catino spoke at the Fairhope event but is a resident of Mobile. Because of his background, he has a unique perspective on what is happening in our local communities.

"My background is I worked as a professor of military studies and security studies, and I also worked as an intelligence advisor and trainer for many years," Catino told 1819 News. "So, I'm very sensitive to these subjects. I've worked them in the field as well as academically."

Catino specializes in civil unrest and has traveled the world studying insurgent, terrorist and subversive groups. He believes those behind the LGBT movement have much more sinister intentions than what meets the eye.

"These are not homosexuals," said Catino. "These are highly organized, highly sophisticated individuals and groups that are very sophisticated and tactically wise on how to go about their strategic objective, which is to destroy the Constitution and really create a post-Christian, post-Constitutional, radical order. They talk about that and their immediate targets, like grooming children, have that objective to destroy the traditional family."

At the prayer event in Fairhope last weekend, Catino was the keynote speaker. He told the group another goal of those behind the movement: stopping legislation countering their ideals.

"Even stopping the mere questioning of their validity, they want to stop," he continued. "And that's the core of this … When you hear that kind of radical, authoritarian, totalitarian spirit and then you see it being acted on, it is to where Christian counselors in states can't even give counseling to homosexuals who want to come out of that lifestyle. People stand up and quote the Bible and they're being vilified and deplatformed for hate crimes."

He said during the Fairhope pride event that he did not see anything from the outside looking in that was exceptionally inappropriate.

Fairhope Mayor Sherry Sullivan said she was unaware of any issues during the pride event and that she was unaware that condoms and lubricant were being handed out for free. However, she said she was aware there was a call to boycott businesses that supported the event, which is a movement she does not want to see take place in the city.

"I have seen on social media where people have said that they will boycott any business affiliated with the events this weekend," Sullivan told 1819 News. "My message has been and will continue to be that I hope people will be respectful."

The city of Fairhope often holds "after-action" meetings following events. City officials will discuss the weekend and analyze issues to see if there are solutions.

"We are holding an after-action meeting, as we do with all of our events, and will recommend changes to the City Council if warranted."

Since serving overseas and fighting for the liberties Americans enjoy today, Catino added that he feels it is important to voice concerns for what the future holds. After hearing some community members speak at this week's Mobile City Council meeting, he said he was glad to know others are coming forward.

The prayer event in Mobile will be on June 8 at the gates of the Cathedral-Basilica of The Immaculate Conception, beginning at 6:15 p.m.

1819 News has reached out to Prism United, the group that organized the Pride events in Fairhope. Phone calls have not been answered or returned.

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