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Kilmeade Alabama News
Fox News Channel's Kilmeade to hold book signing in Fairhope

Booker T. Washington was the founding president of Alabama’s Tuskegee Institute, now a university, and headed it for 30 years until he died in 1915.

Nathaniel Ledbetter Alabama News
Speaker Ledbetter honors vets, highlights legislative priorities during trip to Baldwin and Mobile Counties

Alabama House Speaker Nathaniel Ledbetter (R-Rainsville) was in south Alabama Wednesday to honor veterans and give a legislative update.

Love in Fairhope Alabama News
'Love in Fairhope': Reese Witherspoon-produced 'LGBTQ,' 'Romantic Comedy' TV series to premiere on Hulu next week

A TV series about five women trying to find love in Fairhope will premiere on Hulu on September 27.

City of Fairhope Alabama News
Fairhope to ease water restrictions beginning Monday

The city of Fairhope announced it will go into Phase II of its water conservation ordinance on Monday, August 21. The city has been under Phase III of the ordinance since August 7 due to high water usage and lack of rain, according to city officials.

Fairhope City Council Alabama News
Fairhope considers municipal gas tax to fund resurfacing projects

The tax would be anywhere from one to four cents per gallon.

Fairhope Alabama News
Fairhope residents 'chasing the water truck,' 'harassing' employees over water ordinance; Council makes changes

The Fairhope City Council voted to change the water conservation ordinance after experiencing challenges during the current Phase III of the ordinance.

City of Fairhope Alabama News
Residents of Fairhope under mandatory water conservation phase due to lack of rain and intense heat

The city of Fairhope enacted phase III of its water conservation ordinance Monday due to a lack of rain and heat, city officials said.

KAROL KEMP Alabama News
Spanish Fort prosecutor Karol Kemp running for added Baldwin County Circuit Court Judge seat

A prosecutor in Baldwin County put her name in the hat for a new Circuit Court judge position.

Watson Alabama News
'Just leave the children out of it': Woman offers Fairhope City Council cautionary tale of what could happen without rules prohibiting minors at drag shows

Monday at a Fairhope City Council meeting, a woman who identified herself as Rebecca Watson warned neglecting the city's drag show situation could turn the community into a "warzone."

Pride items Alabama News
A 'radical, authoritarian, totalitarian spirit': Mobile, Fairhope residents fear advancement of LGBTQ movement could threaten children, U.S. Constitution

Concerned citizens in Mobile and Baldwin Counties are taking action to protect family values and children during LGBT Pride Month. At least one expert even believes part of the LGBT movement is connected to a much more sophisticated, dangerous operation that is a threat to the U.S. Constitution.

Prayer warriors plan to congregate Saturday at park overlooking location of pride festival in Fairhope

A group has formed in reaction to progressive moves being made in the city of Fairhope. Now, the group is planning an event to overshadow a pride festival planned for this weekend.

Fairhope American Legion Post raising $2 million to rebuild historic main building

American Legion Post 199 in Fairhope is asking for donations to help rebuild after it was destroyed during Hurricane Sally.

Champagne Munroe Alabama News
Drag show organizers in Fairhope add age requirement for ticket purchases

An age requirement for a drag show brunch at Bay Breeze Café, Bar and Grill in Fairhope has been put in place after complaints regarding its original advertisement.

Upcoming Fairhope drag show would be illegal if lawmakers pass proposed bill

A planned drag show brunch at Bay Breeze Café, Bar and Grill in Fairhope could be illegal if lawmakers pass a recently proposed obscenity bill.

Jason grant SZ0 Rwvu3 MX0 unsplash Alabama News
City of Fairhope denies stopping building of two apartment developments was unconstitutional

The city of Fairhope has responded to a lawsuit that was filed after a development company was denied applications to build two multi-occupancy housing complexes.

Fairhope permitless carry meeting Alabama News
Law enforcement officials gather in Fairhope to explain constitutional carry and answer questions

The Fairhope Police Department hosted a town hall event Thursday to explain the state’s constitutional carry law and answer questions from citizens.

Photo by Feliphe Schiarolli Alabama News
Which of the top 10 Alabama high schools spend the most on students and impose highest property taxes?

Alabama is home to 565 public high schools, each ranging from under 400 students to almost 3,000.

Fly Creek Water in Fairhope Alabama News
Officials in south Alabama city say discolored water is safe but warn water emergency could be declared

Blazing hot weather and little rain have occasionally left residents of Fairhope seeing discolored water coming out of the tap. While it’s perfectly safe to drink, the reason is simple.