Jeremy Tremaine Williams, the man accused of killing and posthumously sexually assaulting five-year-old Kamarie Holland, is slated to plead guilty on Wednesday at the Russell County Courthouse.

On Dec. 13, 2021, Kristy Siple was initially reported by the sheriff's office as Christie Hoskins called to report her daughter, Kamarie Holland, missing. According to the original report from the Russell County Sheriff's Office, Siple claimed she awoke early in the morning to find that her daughter was missing from home.

Later that day, police found Holland's body in an abandoned house in Phenix City. Police said that she likely died of asphyxiation, and there was evidence of sexual abuse.

Shortly after, Williams was arrested and charged. Williams had previously lived in the house where Holland was found. 

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Williams is charged with capital murder in the course of a kidnapping, capital murder in the course of rape, capital murder in the course of sodomy, corpse abuse, human trafficking and producing child pornography. 

Court documents claim Williams "recorded himself raping and sodomizing" Kamarie after her demise.

Williams has a history of child abuse accusations. In 2009, Williams was charged with burning a three-year-old child, of whom he was the guardian, with hot water so severely as to cause him serious injury. Williams was found not guilty of the charge. He was also a suspect in the death of a one-year-old in Alaska but was never charged.  

Russell County District Attorney Richard Chancey told 1819 News that Williams is scheduled to enter a guilty plea in court on Wednesday.

Siple also faces four total charges in connection to Holland's death. Three of the charges relate to the murder of Holland, and the fourth is a charge for human trafficking. The three murder charges are for murder in the course of kidnapping, murder in the course of rape and murder in the course of sodomy. All of the murder charges allege that she acted in tandem with Williams in the crimes.

Siple was scheduled to enter a guilty plea last month. However, Chancey said that never happened. Chancey was under a gag order not to address any further case details.

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