U.S. Rep. Robert Aderholt (R-Haleyville) is starting off the new year with a trip to the southern border.

Aderholt announced Monday his plans to travel to Eagle Pass, Texas, along with Speaker of the House Michael Johnson (R-La.) to see first-hand the crisis at the border. The two are set to leave on Wednesday.

"Since Joe Biden took office as President, the crisis at our Southern Border has grown by the day," Aderholt said. "It does not appear as if the President, the Vice-President (who he supposedly put in charge of the border situation), or anyone else in his Administration, has any ability or desire to tackle this matter of national security."

NBC News recently reported that U.S. border officials processed an all-time monthly high of more than 300,000 immigrants in December.

"Illegal crossings are growing by the day, month and year," Aderholt continued. "Since January of 2021, more people have crossed our border illegally than the entire population of Alabama, which is roughly five million people. While no doubt many of them are trying to flee terrible situations in their own countries, the reality is that there is a legal process of immigration into our country. Those laws must be followed and enforced. Also, many of these people are human traffickers, drug smugglers, and individuals on our nation's terror watch list."

"While I have been to the border several times before, I look forward to getting a new perspective as I travel with Speaker Johnson," he added. "I know that my Republican colleagues and I are committed to ending this crisis and securing our border for the sake of our nation's safety and sovereignty."

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