In a recent article in the holiday edition of the Alabama Education Association's (AEA) Alabama School Journal publication, AEA associate executive director Theron Stokes warns teachers about drunk driving, partaking in illegal drugs and "hooking up" with students over the holiday break.

In the article "Do's and Don'ts This Holiday Season," Stokes warns Alabama teachers of the pitfalls common to teachers during the lengthy holiday break through the new year.  

Stokes begins by encouraging teachers not to drive intoxicated, followed by a warning to avoid illegal drugs.

'It is your legal right to drink and make merry with your friends and family," Stoked said. "However, please be responsible and don't drive after you drink. School systems have terminated countless employees for drinking and driving, and I don't want any of you to be next. Between Uber, Lyft, taxis, and sober friends and family, there are too many options available to you besides drinking and driving. Please don't let a DUI ruin your New Year (and possibly your life)."

He continued, "With the proliferation of CBD oils and gummies along with traditional marijuana use, another important "Don't" is to not partake in the usage of illegal drugs. Alabama is not one of the many states that have legalized marijuana. Whatever your thoughts on the topic may be, it is illegal now and halfway through, but your mind may think it's more will continue to be illegal during the holiday season. Therefore, just say "no" and don't do it publicly, or you will be arrested and could lose your job. Whether you love your job or not, nobody wants to have to get a new job when that wasn't a New Year's resolution pre-arrest."

A bizarre addition to Stokes' list of "don'ts" was an encouragement for teachers not to "slide into your student's DM's" and a further admonishment not to "hook up" with students.

"Another 'Don't' I hate to have to share is don't text or slide into your students' DM's, and absolutely don't follow it up with physical contact with a student," Stokes continued. "Not only are these grounds for termination, they're also illegal. A large number of educators have been fired and arrested for this misconduct. I don't know the cure for loneliness, but I do know that finding such companionship with your students sure isn't it. Hooking up with a student will most certainly put you on Santa's naughty list."

There have been a large number of teachers in Alabama arrested for alleged sexual contact with students, over ten since August alone.

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