Lieutenant Gov. Will Ainsworth said last week he was committed to a full repeal of Alabama's share of the grocery tax.

During an interview with Huntsville radio's WVNN, Ainsworth, who is also the unannounced front-runner in the 2026 gubernatorial election, assigned a timeline for its elimination.

Ainsworth told WVNN host Dale Jackson it could be done in three to four years.

"I think hopefully a 'in the next three to four years' plan — have that done," he said. "And I think, you know, my opinion on government is when the economy, when government is growing, cut taxes and give money back to the people. What better way than to cut the grocery tax? And this will be $150 million, go into effect. Another $150 million next year. That's a big cut, $300-plus million. If we continue to do that, we're going to find ways to cut taxes for people. And I think Alabama is poised for a lot of growth. And by industries coming here and them doing well, we're able to cut taxes for people, which is great."

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