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Millbrook Alabama News
Millbrook passes one-cent sales tax hike before grocery tax cut bill signed into law

Members of the Millbrook City Council unanimously passed a one-cent city sales tax increase on Tuesday morning at a special-called meeting in an attempt to beat Gov. Kay Ivey’s possible signature on grocery tax cut legislation passed by the House and Senate last week.

Andrewjones Alabama News
Amended grocery tax cut bill passes Senate

The Senate unanimously passed amended legislation that would cut the state's sales tax on groceries by 2% on Thursday.

grocery store Alabama News
Grocery tax cut bill passes Senate committee as potential amendments loom

Members of the Senate Education Budget Committee passed legislation that would cut the state's sales tax on groceries by 2% on Wednesday.

Grocery Alabama News
Alabama House, Senate form commission to study grocery tax elimination

The Alabama House and Senate passed a joint resolution on Thursday forming a commission to study possible elimination of the state’s sales tax on groceries.

Grocery Tax Alabama News
House passes bill to cut grocery tax by half over the next two years

The Alabama House of Representatives passed the long-awaited bill to cut the state tax on food in half by 2025.

Will Ainsworth Alabama News
Ainsworth: AEA is trying to kill the grocery tax reduction legislation

According to Lt. Gov. Will Ainsworth, the Alabama Education Association was working to kill an effort to reduce the state's share of the burden of the grocery tax on consumers.

Grocery Store Alabama News
Grocery tax cut legislation clears House committee

Members of the Alabama House Ways and Means Education Committee passed legislation that would cut the state’s sales tax on groceries by 2% on Wednesday.

Grocery Alabama News
Grocery tax cut filed in Alabama House; Speaker Ledbetter anticipates Thursday floor vote

A bill to cut the grocery tax in half over the next four years has been filed in the Alabama House of Representatives.

Grocery store 4 Alabama News
Justin Bogie: The clock is ticking on a grocery tax repeal

The grocery tax repeal is one of few issues that has widespread bipartisan support. It’s time for the legislature to make it a reality.

Grocery Tax Alabama News
Grocery tax cut bill to start advancing in House this week

Legislation that would cut the state’s portion of the sales tax on groceries in half is expected to start in the House this week.

Chip Brown Alabama News
State Rep. Brown: It is 'a good sign' Ivey has not weighed in on the grocery tax reduction proposal

While efforts to reduce tax liability, mainly Alabama's portion of the tax applied to groceries, have picked up steam in the recent weeks in the Alabama Legislature, Gov. Kay Ivey is missing from the discussion.

Grocery Store Alabama News
Justin Bogie: Three things to know about the latest grocery tax repeal effort

More than halfway through the 2023 regular legislative session, strong momentum is building to partially repeal the state’s 4% sales tax on groceries.

Andrew Jones Alabama News
State Sen. Jones: Grocery tax cut bill to get ‘moving as quickly as we can’

A new grocery tax cut proposal by State Sen. Andrew Jones (R-Centre) was introduced late last week with the entire Senate signed on as co-sponsors.

Grocery Tax Alabama News
Proposed grocery tax bill would cut state rate by 2% — ‘Our goal is to get rid of the whole thing’

State Sen. Andrew Jones (R-Centre) filed legislation Thursday that would cut the state’s sales tax on groceries in half over time.

Governor Kay Ivey gave remarks to the Austal USA’s Women’s History Month Luncheon at Austal USA Monday March 20, 2023 in Mobile Alabama News
Justin Bogie: Will Ivey listen as momentum for permanent tax relief grows?

Alabamians have made it clear that they don’t want a rebate check. Top lawmakers are now on the same page. Will Gov. Ivey listen?

House Minority Leader Anthony Daniels on APTV, 3/3/2023 Alabama News
House Minority Leader Daniels: More discussion on grocery tax elimination ‘since I’ve been in the legislature’

There’s been more “serious conversations” about eliminating the state sales tax on groceries than “any year since I’ve been in the Legislature,” according to House Minority Leader Anthony Daniels (D-Huntsville).

Ledbetter Alabama News
House Speaker Ledbetter: Movement on grocery tax cuts 'very possible'

Since Gov Kay Ivey suggested a $200 tax rebate for Alabamians, debate has raged on the benefits of tax rebates over against tax cuts, specifically cuts on the state’s grocery tax.

Grocery Store 3 Alabama News
Justin Bogie: It’s easy to see why Alabamians strongly favor repealing the grocery tax

It is clear to see why Alabama voters strongly prefer repealing the state’s sales tax on groceries over receiving a one-time rebate check. Will lawmakers listen to their constituents?

Grocery store, grocery receipt Alabama News
ALGOP poll: Alabamians prefer grocery tax cut over tax rebate check by 83-17% margin

A new poll by the Alabama Republican Party (ALGOP) shows most voters in Alabama want lawmakers to cut the grocery tax and are not as concerned about getting a tax rebate check.

AL Legislature Alabama News
Justin Bogie: Relief bills moving through the Alabama legislature are a good start

It is a positive development that Alabama lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are presenting serious proposals to reduce the tax burden of Alabamians.

Grocery tax Alabama News
Partial grocery tax repeal bill filed

The state sales tax on some groceries would be gradually eliminated under legislation filed on Tuesday.

Grocery tax Alabama News
Grocery tax repeal bill could leave many foods still taxed as lawmakers debate WIC vs. SNAP definition

How many groceries are left untaxed or reduced by the state depends on what definition legislators use for food in possible grocery tax reduction or elimination legislation in the next couple of months.

State Sen. Chris Elliott. Photo: Erica Thomas. Alabama News
State Sen. Elliott pushes to do away with 'sketchy' boards in Alabama, take serious look at grocery tax reform

State Sen. Chris Elliott (R-Josephine) spoke Monday at the March 2023 South Baldwin Chamber Leadership Series luncheon.

Arthur Orr Alabama News
State Sen. Orr to introduce legislation to gradually lift taxes on ‘essential’ groceries

Alabama is one of the only states to charge a sales tax on “essential” foods like milk and eggs, but as food prices soar due to inflation, one state senator has drafted a bill to lift the tax burden.

AL House of Rep Garrett Danny Facebook Alabama News
State Rep. Garrett: Clay city manager's account of grocery tax rebuke not accurate — 'I was trying to be helpful'

State Rep. Danny Garrett (R-Trussville) said what has been said about him and his involvement in a local grocery tax cut is not accurate.

City of Clay bonniehicks com Alabama News
'You've got to have a backbone': Clay city manager says he faced pushback after municipal grocery tax cut from State Rep. Garrett, Alabama Dept. of Revenue

A 2% decrease in grocery tax went into effect last November for the city of Clay. The council approved cutting its grocery tax in half after failed attempts by the state legislature to cut the grocery tax statewide.

Demschestnutt Alabama News
Alabama House Democrats call for grocery tax repeal — 'It's a very regressive tax'

Alabama House Democrats called for a repeal of the state’s sales tax on groceries on Monday.

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