Shoppers at grocery stores in Alabama began receiving a one-cent reduction in the state sales tax on groceries starting on Friday.

However, some Walmart and Sam's Club shoppers were double taxed with the new and old sales tax rates on Friday.

"Earlier today, some Walmart customers and Sam's Club members across Alabama were incorrectly overcharged sales tax while shopping with us. Effective September 1, the sales tax rate on food decreased by one percentage point statewide. Our systems mistakenly charged both the old rate and the new rate at the time of sale," a Walmart spokesperson told News 19. "The situation is being corrected, and we're asking potentially impacted customers to take their receipts to their nearby stores or clubs for a refund of the higher sales tax."

A spokesperson for the Alabama Grocers Association told 1819 News, "Walmart uncovered this issue early this morning. This was quickly corrected and is no longer an issue."

According to the Alabama Department of Revenue, the state sales tax on food was reduced from 4% to 3% on September 1. The state sales and use tax rates will be further reduced to 2% on Sept. 1, 2024, if there is sufficient growth in the state Education Trust Fund.

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