Caroleene Dobson, a Republican, challenged Shomari Figures, her Democrat opponent, on Monday to publicly state his position on whether President Joe Biden should be the Democratic Party's presidential nominee and whether Biden has the mental capacity to serve in his current role as commander in chief.

Dobson and Figures are both running for Alabama’s second congressional district. Some national pundits have speculated that Biden’s lackluster first debate performance will hurt Democrats in swing districts in 2024. Multiple House Democrats have called on Biden to step down as a candidate in recent days, fearing Republicans will maintain control of the House in 2024 with Biden at the top of the Democratic ticket.

“For Shomari Figures to remain stony silent on Biden’s mental competency is a sign of cowardice rather than leadership,” Dobson said. “Every American who watched the disastrous debate performance is concerned that the White House is becoming a remake of ‘Weekend at Bernie’s,’ and it is time for Figures to break his silence and state if he thinks Biden can serve another term.”

She continued, “Considering he has produced skyrocketing inflation, sticker shock in the grocery aisles and gas pumps, and an open border that threatens our economy and national security, I do not believe Biden should even be president at this point, much less a nominee.”

“Months have passed since growing concerns over Biden’s senility first materialized, but Shomari Figures has turned a blind eye, a deaf ear, and a closed mouth to the fact that our ship of state has an incompetent captain at the helm,” Dobson added.

Figures told Alabama Daily News recently that the upcoming election is “about the record that President Biden has.”

“This election is about much more than one debate performance, it’s about what has his performance been for not just the people of Alabama, but for this country over the last nearly four years,” Figures told ADN. “I think that’s a significant record that President Biden stands on; there have been historical investments, especially in the infrastructure realm here in the state of Alabama.”

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