The margin of control of the U.S. House is thin — perilously thin. The race for Alabama’s newly drawn congressional district 2 could decide which party controls the U.S. House going forward.

A vote for Democratic nominee Shomari Figures would return the Nancy Pelosi group to power, while a vote for Republican nominee Caroleene Dobson would maintain Republican control of the House.

The Mobile County Republican Executive Committee (MCREC) holds its quarterly meeting on Monday night, July 1. Their speaker is Caroleene Dobson.

The meeting is at 6 p.m. Monday in the Government Plaza, 205 Government Street in downtown Mobile. The public is invited, and no ticket or RSVP is needed.

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Dobson is a real estate attorney in Montgomery, one of 13 counties in the new district. She was born and raised in Monroe County, in the heart of the new district.

Figures is a former staffer in the Obama administration and a former deputy attorney general under Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland.

He is the son of State Senator Vivian Figures (D-Mobile). His father, State Senator Michael Figures (D-Mobile), died in office in 1996 and was succeeded by his wife, who has been re-elected ever since and continues to serve now.

Shomari Figures had been living in Washington and returned to Alabama to run for Congress.

National political parties consider Alabama’s second congressional district vital because of the close margin by which Republicans control the House of Representatives. AL-2 is demographically a swing district that could affect the U.S. House's control. That control is expected to be a major issue in the Dobson vs. Figures campaign.

Dobson earlier told the Capital City Republican Women: “It’s highly possible that control of the House will come down to this race. Republican control of the House is down to one seat right now. It’s not common in Alabama to have contested general elections frankly and it’s certainly not common to have a race that the nation is watching, but that’s the case this time,” she stated.

Counties in the new second congressional district are Washington, southern Clarke, Monroe, Conecuh, Butler, Crenshaw, Pike, Montgomery, Bullock, Macon, Russell, Barbour and parts of Mobile: most of the city of Mobile and most of northern Mobile County.

AL-2 extends from the Mississippi line at Mobile to the Georgia line at Russell County. The two vote-heavy counties in the district are Montgomery and Mobile counties.

Citizens anywhere in Alabama can register to vote via the Alabama Secretary of State's site at

Those who come to the July 1 GOP meeting are requested to bring a box of newborn diapers for the Women’s Resource Center or donate $15-25 at the link below, and the GOP will buy them for you. “Helping families with crisis pregnancies is a focus of our party.”

Diaper donation:

“A Democrat is someone who has not yet been mugged.”

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