Rightside Media, the parent company of the top-ranked syndicated radio program Rightside Radio, announced a new line of conservative content on Monday.

Rightside Radio is hosted by Phil Williams, a former Alabama state senator, an Army ranger with tours in Iraq and Afghanistan who retired with the rank of colonel, and an attorney.

“From the moment we formed Rightside Media the goal has been to bring quality conservative input to the general public,” Williams, president of Rightside and host of the daily broadcast, said. “The live daily show began nearly three years ago and quickly took off to become a daily regional event. The growth of Rightside and its message is reaching its next phase now with the addition of several streaming audio and video podcasts. We are super excited to take this new step forward!” 

Based in North Alabama, Rightside Media was originally an adjunct of the Alabama Policy Institute. Beginning as a syndicated live radio broadcast from 2-5 p.m. across multiple AM and FM outlets across the state called Rightside Radio, it quickly gained a strong following with audiences in north Alabama and parts of Georgia, Tennessee and Mississippi. 

“The mantra is that we’re ‘solid, conservative, and just plain right!’ and our audience has a great time with commentary and guests that we like to say are designed to educate, enlighten, empower and entertain folks on what it means to be a conservative in today’s world,” Williams said.

Rightside Media also promotes a weekly written opinion piece called “The Rightside Way,” which is published in news outlets across Alabama. The live show is also podcasted after each broadcast and currently has well over 200,000 downloads. 

“The next phase of our effort to generate conservative content is a new line of video and audio podcasting. We’re very excited about the quality and messaging.” Williams said. “The first four episodes of ‘The Right Phil-osophy’ are up now and hosted on various platforms as well as our website at www.rightsideradio.org. We are having the best time doing this.” 

Two additional video podcasts are planned and expected to roll out in the coming weeks. 

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