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API Phil Williams Alabama News
Alabama-based Rightside Media announces new line of video podcasts

Rightside Media, the parent company of the top-ranked syndicated radio program Rightside Radio, announced a new line of conservative content on Monday.

Larry Stutts Alabama News
State Sen. Stutts: Ivey school choice CHOOSE Act 'a very good bill'

Tuesday, on the syndicated radio program "Right Side Radio," State Sen. Larry Stutts (R-Tuscumbia) signaled his support for Gov. Kay Ivey's school choice legislation, titled the CHOOSE Act.

U.S. Rep Barry Moore, alongside U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) and Chip Roy (R-Texas). Alabama News
Barry Moore pledges support for Donald Trump as Speaker on first ballot, Jim Jordan on subsequent ballots

Wednesday, U.S. Rep. Barry Moore (R-Enterprise) announced that, at least initially, he would be supporting former President Donald Trump as a candidate to fill the open House Speaker position recently vacated by U.S. Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.).

Hunter Biden Photo from Wikipedia Alabama News
Jeff Poor is on the Grand Council on 'Rightside Radio' with Phil Williams

Listen to 1819 News Editor-in-Chief Jeff Poor on "Rightside Radio" with Phil Williams as they discuss the Hunter Biden not guilty plea, the western corridor vs. I-65 widening and more.

Jason Aldean Alabama News
Phil Williams: Try that in a small town

Liberals seem to have lost their sense of humor, or perhaps more aptly, they’ve just lost their sense of reality.

Jeff poor Alabama News
Jeff Poor participates in the Grand Council on 'Rightside Radio' with Phil Williams

Listen to 1819 News Editor-in-Chief Jeff Poor on "Rightside Radio" with Phil Williams as they discuss alligators, the Mobile annexation election, Kay Ivey and more.

Child abuse, child trafficking Alabama News
Phil Williams: For the least of them

Child trafficking is here. Let that sink in. Child trafficking is right here, in your state, your community or perhaps even your home. 

Masculinity Alabama News
Phil Williams: The war on masculinity

There is a war on masculinity in America right now. Evidence abounds.

Photo from Ted Nugents Facebook page Alabama News
Nugent on Avondale Brewing canceling his show: 'The Michael Moore and Hunter Biden fan club are really upset that I’m in the asset column'

Conservative guitarist Ted Nugent joined North Alabama radio's "Rightside Radio" on Monday to discuss his show being canceled by Birmingham’s Avondale Brewing Company after left-wing activists complained on social media. 

PRICE Act Alabama News
Phil Williams: The PRICE Act got punk’d

Punking the public is bad form. Punking a colleague is unprofessional. Punking the PRICE Act is bad for Alabama’s children.

Trump Alabama News
Phil Williams: Lawfare

A good lawyer must occasionally step back, look objectively at a case or prosecution, and make sure that he doesn’t have his own grievances, emotions, politics, or prejudices wrapped up in it.

Geese Alabama News
Phil Williams: One billion dollars — like scoot through a goose

A billion extra dollars laying around should always be a serious and well-informed debate. But last week that billion dollars blew out the backside of Alabama’s statehouse like scoot through a goose.

AL Senate Gudger Garlan Facebook Alabama News
Despite 'yes' vote, State Sen. Gudger admits problems with special session $1 billion ARPA bill process

It is all done now, but in the span of a week and a half, or five legislative days, the Alabama Legislature spent more than $1 billion in federal American Rescue Plan Act funds.

DeSantis Reagan Alabama News
Phil Williams: The courage of your convictions

People will respond to a leader who says, with the courage of his convictions, “I see a better way! Follow me!”

common sense Alabama News
Phil Williams: Common sense politics

Governance is not rocket science and need not take an Ivy League doctorate in public administration. Governance can be good ol’ common sense, which unfortunately is all too uncommon.

Joe Biden talks student loan forgiveness Alabama News
‘Like a bad preacher’: ACLL’s Matt Clark explains why Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan will likely be blocked by SCOTUS

Following oral arguments in Biden v. Nebraska before the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) this week, an Alabama attorney said it isn’t looking good for the Biden administration when it comes to allowing student loan forgiveness.

Asbury3 Alabama News
Phil Williams: Something remarkable is happening

Type the words “Asbury Revival” into any search engine and you will find videos, news reports, book listings, articles, personal stories, and photographs from the last week. But you will also get plenty of search results from February 1970.

David B Alabama News
Phil Williams: Fightin' words

Tell young red-blooded Americans you will make them warriors, in the spirit of those before them who stormed the beaches, rained from the skies, and defended that which we hold dear, and they will beat a path to the recruiters.

School Kids Alabama News
Phil Williams: For our kids

Conservatives want our children to be educated. Liberal progressives just want our children.

Vaccine Alabama News
Phil Williams: It seemed like a good idea at the time

History is replete with ridiculously bad decisions that cost someone, or some company, countless opportunities and boundless riches. The COVID vaccine is shaping up to be one of them.

Fertilizer Alabama News
Phil Williams: The dehumanization of turning Mawmaw into fertilizer

What we do with living, breathing, soul-filled humans—or their remains once they’ve passed—should never be based solely on questions of cultural convenience, finances, logistics or selfish emotion.

Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy Alabama News
Phil Williams: Debating the debate in Congress

It would be far more concerning if there had been no debate in Congress this past week. What we saw was healthy. It was truly democracy in action.

DEI blocks Alabama News
Phil Williams: Where merit goes to die

DEI is where merit goes to die, where failure becomes an acceptable norm, and success becomes a crime. We must return to being a merit-based society.

Money, capitol, capital, donations Alabama News
Phil Williams: Spend it like you've got it

We’ve all had times when we had to rob Peter to pay Paul. By that, I mean that I’m sure that most folks have had those days when paying one bill meant not paying another.

Bronze law scales on table. Symbol of justice. Twitter Alabama News
Phil Williams: Twitter tips the scales

Twitter tipped the info scales and just like a pair of cheating fishermen the crowd has now seen them for what they are.

Craig Monger Alabama News
1819 News Reporter Craig Monger talks woke educators on Rightside Radio

Listen to 1819 News Reporter Craig Monger on Rightside Radio with Phil Williams as they discuss a drag queen educator, "covertly and strategically" placing materials in his classroom to influence his students, and using insulting language about their parents.

Eastland disaster Alabama News
Phil Williams: Putting Alabama's top-heavy government back on an even keel

Ronald Reagan once said that “a government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take away everything you have.”

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