Tuesday, on the syndicated radio program "Right Side Radio," State Sen. Larry Stutts (R-Tuscumbia) signaled his support for Gov. Kay Ivey's school choice legislation, titled the CHOOSE Act.

Stutts, who was the Senate sponsor of last year's failed PRICE Act school choice bill, offered favorable remarks for the bill.

"It's a big help to have the Governor behind it," Stutts said. "And I'm very much appreciative of the Governor getting on board with it. We broached the subject last year and got the bill out of committee. I wish we had had the Governor's support last year, and we could have passed it last year. But her staff has done a very diligent job of working on the bill that they have drafted. It is probably 90% of the bill that I had last year."

"When it comes to the floor, I've got a couple of amendments that I'm going to offer to it," he continued. "I think it's a very good bill. They have done a good job with it. I'm actually one of the co-sponsors of the CHOOSE Act the Governor's staff has initiated and is supporting. But I'm going to offer a couple of amendments to improve it just a little bit more. Like I said, it's 90% what my bill was last year. You know in the legislative process, if you can get 90-plus percent of what you wanted, you better take it."

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