The state of Alabama has two of the best head college football coaches in the nation, according to the Coach Rating Index.

Per Matrix Analytical Solutions, Alabama's Nick Saban is the top college coach in the nation, while Auburn's Hugh Freeze is the eighth-best coach.

Recruiting site 24/7 Sports, which released the Coach Rating Index for college coaches on Tuesday, described the Coach Rating Index as follows:

"The CRI is 'a massive grading system with over 30,000 individual unit profiles and over 250,000 annual coaching result reports. If a coach was designated in an on-field role in that time span in either the FBS or FCS levels, he is in the database with a career number rating and accompanying career star rating.'

Position coaches are 'graded on the cumulative play-by-play effectiveness of their unit.' Coordinators are graded on per-play efficiency. Head coaches are 'graded on their win and loss records broken down and weighted by difficulty/importance in nine distinct categories ranging from expected close margin games to how they perform in games with equivalent talent profiles.'"

The rating system was created in 2009, so the data used to determine a coach's rating does not precede 2009. Also, the index does not take into account a coach's success while coaching in the FCS.

The average coach in the index is rated 60 overall.

Coming in at eighth, Auburn's Freeze was rated 82.01 out of 100.

The report had this to say about Freeze:

"Welcome back to the big time, Hugh Freeze. The coach returns to the SEC this fall after a seven-year sabbatical from an NCAA investigation that uncovered rules violations and a 'pattern of personal misconduct' at Ole Miss.

Freeze rebounded incredibly well at Liberty with 34 wins and a top-25 ranking in the polls during his four seasons leading the recently-elevated program in the FBS. Now we find out if he can step up at Auburn, where championships are not just expected; fans demand them.

Freeze built a 10-win team at Ole Miss on the back of five-star prospects like Laremy Tunsil, Robert Nkemdiche and Laquon Treadwell in 2015. Freeze beat Saban and Alabama in back-to-back years (2014 and 2015), and he led the Rebels to a No. 3 ranking in the national polls. The NCAA vacated 27 of Freeze's 39 wins at Ole Miss, but he was 39-25 in five seasons from 2012-16.

He also had the SEC's most exciting offense in the early 2010s, when he not only frustrated Saban but also threatened the power structure of the SEC. What does he have in store for an encore nearly a decade later? Well, the rebuilding job at Auburn is already underway. He signed 43 new players in the offseason, and his haul from the transfer portal (21 players) ranks No. 3 nationally."

Alabama's Nick Saban held off his disciple and winner of two straight national championships, Kirby Smart, to remain at the top of college football. His rating came out to 98.54 out of 100.

The report had this to say about Saban:

"Possibly the greatest coach of all time is ranked No. 1 with a grade of 98.54, according to Matrix Analytical. That's not a surprise, particularly considering the CRI began grading coaches in 2009, Saban's first undefeated season at Alabama. Saban is 175-19 with six national championships during that time, and hasn't finished with more than two losses in a single season since 2010. The legendary coach faces increasing pressure from within the SEC (yes, it's still possible) as Georgia chases the first three-peat in modern college football history after drilling TCU to win the national title in January.

Alabama last won the national title in the pandemic-shortened season. If the Tide fall short of a national title this fall, it will mark the longest stretch (three years) without a national championship in Saban's 17 seasons leading the Tide. Remarkable."

Read the full report here.

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