MONTGOMERY – Former President Donald Trump is the frontrunner to win the 2024 Republican presidential primary in Alabama, according to Alabama Republican Party chairman John Wahl.

Wahl said in an interview with 1819 News on Friday before the ALGOP's summer dinner with Trump as the keynote speaker the event at the Montgomery Renaissance Hotel would break records for attendance and fundraising. 

“I would definitely say Trump is the frontrunner in Alabama right now with DeSantis the dark horse to see if he can pick up delegates at that 20% threshold,” Wahl said.  

Wahl said a third indictment of Trump announced this week was “feeding a distrust with the public and the government.”

“So many conservatives that I talk to really feel that this is just another attempt by the Democrats to use the power of government as a political tool,” he outlined. “We’ve seen this with the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago. We’ve seen this with not charging Biden but charging Donald Trump for documents. I think it’s feeding a distrust with the public and the government. I think that’s sad.” 

The dinner is expected to be attended by approximately 2,700 and raise about $1.2 million for the state Republican Party, according to Wahl.

“This will be the largest dinner financially and in attendance that the party has ever had,” Wahl said. “I think that really highlights both the popularity of Donald Trump and the growth of the Republican Party in the state of Alabama. We’re working hard to raise the party's profile nationally to bring in the national figures so they can meet Alabama and the people of Alabama can meet them. I want to see Alabama be a bellwether state for conservatives nationally. If you think about which state embodies the values of the Republican Party, Alabama has got to be at the top of that list. I think this is an excellent example of that.”

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