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Wahl Alabama News
ALGOP chairman John Wahl praises Senate committee passage of PRICE Act

The Alabama Republican Party (ALGOP) is lauding the comprehensive school choice legislation that passed amended out of senate Committee on Wednesday.

ALGOP Outreach Coalition Alabama News
ALGOP Outreach Coalition co-director Belinda Thomas condemns Democratic vice chair Tabitha Isner's defense of 'N-word': 'An insult to every black man and woman'

“To say I was outraged by the racially charged attack on Representative Paschal last week would be an understatement, but as a black woman, I was even more upset by an official of the Alabama Democrat Party defending the use of the N-word to belittle a black official.”

trump debate Alabama News
University of Alabama expected to host potential 2024 GOP presidential primary debate

The University of Alabama is rumored to host a primary debate in the 2024 presidential race.

Juandalynn Givan Alabama News
State Rep. Givan says calls to apologize for racist comments directed at GOP lawmaker 'merely another alt-right Republican distraction'

State Rep. Juandalynn Givan (D-Birmingham), is resolutely “unapologetic” for her comments in which she referred to a GOP lawmaker as an "N-word."

ALGOP Chairman John Wahl Alabama News
ALGOP chair Wahl praises Republican legislators for fight against 'woke policies'

Alabama Republican Party chairman John Wahl commended several Republican legislators for sponsoring bills in line with party's mission.

Woke education, school, trans Alabama News
ALGOP poll shows 'protecting children from woke policies' a top priority for Alabama voters

“Protecting children from woke policies” a top priority for Alabama voters according to a poll from the Alabama Republican Party.

Grocery store, grocery receipt Alabama News
ALGOP poll: Alabamians prefer grocery tax cut over tax rebate check by 83-17% margin

A new poll by the Alabama Republican Party (ALGOP) shows most voters in Alabama want lawmakers to cut the grocery tax and are not as concerned about getting a tax rebate check.

John Wahl and Gov. Ron Desantis Alabama News
Alabama Republican Party sets record at DeSantis fundraising dinner

Over 1,700 people packed into the Finley Center in Hoover on Thursday for the event, which had to be moved from the Birmingham Sheraton to accommodate the large crowd.

Ron DeSantis at ALGOP, 3/9/2023 Alabama News
DeSantis warms up Alabama GOP for 2024 presidential cycle with wide-ranging speech rejecting 'Faucism,' state income taxes and the 'woke agenda'

Although he has not formally announced a bid for the White House, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) made what could have been interpreted as a speech that laid the groundwork for a presidential campaign Thursday night for the Alabama Republican Party's winter dinner.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Alabama News
DeSantis-mania? ALGOP forced to move event featuring the Florida governor to larger venue after ticket sales exceed expectations

The Alabama Republican Party's (ALGOP) winter dinner is being relocated to a bigger venue to accommodate the growing number of people wanting to meet Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Alabama News
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to serve as keynote speaker at ALGOP's Winter Dinner

The ALGOP on Wednesday announced that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis would be the special guest and keynote speaker at the upcoming Winter Dinner on March 9 in Birmingham.

Ronna McDaniel. Alabama News
Alabama GOP enters no-confidence vote in reelection bid of RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel

The Alabama GOP (ALGOP) announced plans on Monday to introduce a vote of no-confidence in the reelection bid of Republican National Committee (RNC) chairwoman Ronna McDaniel.

John Wahl Alabama News
ALGOP chair Wahl: Republican Party needs ‘fundamental shift’ — ‘We need people who are willing to stand and fight'

ALGOP chairman John Wahl said the issues with the RNC run deeper than whoever holds the chair position and there needs to be a “fundamental shift” from within the party.

Alabama Veterans Alex Drueke and Andy Huynh Alabama News
ALGOP starts GoFundMe to relieve financial burden on family of Alabama veterans captured by Russian forces in June

The Alabama Republican Party (ALGOP) has started a GoFundMe to help ease the financial burden on the families of the now-released Alabama men captured by Russian forces in June.  

ALGOP Chairman John Wahl Alabama News
ALGOP chair John Wahl declares midterms a 'very good night' for Alabama Republicans — 'We won every statewide position'

With election results still coming in around the country and many voters wondering which political party will take majorities in the U.S. Congress, Alabama GOP chairman John Wahl has already claimed victory in the Yellowhammer State.

John Merrill 2 Alabama News
Merrill: 'Certain people' discussing consequences for ALGOP chair Wahl for 'misrepresentation' of official ID to vote

Tuesday on "Alabama's Morning News with JT," Secretary of State John Merrill weighed in on Alabama Republican Party chairman John Wahl using identification he had reportedly made to vote in the last two elections.

Kay Ivey addressing economic developers 2 Alabama News
Joey Clark: Where did Gov. Kay Ivey go?

There are few things a reclusive introvert and political malcontent (such as I am) loathes more than attending a large political fundraiser dinner party. Alas, there I was at the center of the Alabama GOP’s Summer Dinner, feeling like a distraught stranger in a strange land. 

Wahl Alabama News
ALGOP chairman Wahl voices support for closed primaries, maintains primary challenges will be guided by state law

Alabama Republican Party chairman John Wahl called on the Alabama Legislature to consider a law that would create a closed primary system for how the political parties determine their general election nominee.

Vote Alabama News
ALGOP chair Wahl 'incredibly upset' over Etowah County ballot issue

In a statement issued on Wednesday, Alabama Republican Party chairman John Wahl acknowledged the party's concern over an Etowah County ballot issue and pledged to find a solution.

File 1f99dec4 ee3d 41fd a303 3819836481ea Alabama News
Alabama Republicans launch 'Minority Outreach Team'

By Ray Melick For Republicans, connecting with minority voters in a positive way is the holy grail of electoral politics. Alabama party...

File 3a7ddfec fb68 4493 9c58 fb185b6b3f0f Alabama News
ALGOP Chairman blasts Biden Administration’s IRS Reporting requirements

By Brandon Moseley Alabama Republican Party Chairman John Wahl issued a statement blasting the Biden Administration’s planned IRS reporting...