Alabama Republican Party chairman John Wahl called a recent TV ad attacking the state's abortion laws "shameless" and "disgusting."

The commercial shows a law enforcement officer pulling over a woman who is traveling out of state to get an abortion. The officer holds up a pregnancy test and handcuffs the woman.

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"Gavin Newsom's ad is disgusting and disrespectful to the people of Alabama," Wahl told 1819 News. "It mischaracterizes the values of our state and degrades the honorable members of our law enforcement community."

Alabama allows women to have abortions if a pregnancy poses a significant health risk. It is a felony to perform an illegal abortion in Alabama, but the law does not offer punishment for mothers who have an abortion. Plan B and other "morning-after" pills are also legal in Alabama.

"The Republican Party believes in treating every single person with respect and dignity," Wahl said. "We stand for the rights of every individual, both the born and unborn."

"Abortion is a tragedy, and we want to be the party that protects life but also helps those in need so they have other options," he continued. "This ad is a shameless political stunt that only divides our nation and makes it clear that the Democrat party isn't really concerned with the truth or helping women in need."

Wahl called the ad disgraceful and said Newsom should be ashamed of himself for "putting out this kind of trash."

"Only a Democrat would envision using the power of government in such a draconian manner, and It makes me shiver to think about what Democrat leaders would actually be willing to do," Wahl added.

The ad is paid for by Gavin Newsom's "Campaign for Democracy" and includes a call to action for viewers to go to Newsom's "Right to Travel" website.

The 30-second commercial will run on national networks and in Montgomery through May 4.

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