A presidential poll of likely voters conducted for the Alabama Republican Party shows President Donald Trump still holding a commanding lead in Alabama over incumbent Joe Biden even after Trump's conviction by a New York jury for falsifying business records. Despite his 34 felony counts, Trump garnered 59.7% of the Alabama vote in the poll to Biden's 33.5%, while 6.8% of respondents remained undecided.

Trump leads among both Republicans and Independents, and he received a higher percentage of support within his own party. Roughly 93.8% of Republicans back Trump, compared to Joe Biden's 88.5% support among Democrat voters.

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The poll also surveyed reactions to the New York verdict against Donald Trump. Among the respondents, 64.5% of Alabamians polled believed the charges were politically motivated, including more than one in three African American voters and 63.4% of Hispanic voters. These figures are notably higher than the 20.7% of Democrat voters who shared this sentiment.

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Roughly 64.3% of respondents say the verdict made them more likely to support Trump. More Democrats broke ranks with their party's overall opinion on this question, with 20.1% of Democrat voters saying they were more likely to vote for Trump, while only 8.4% of Republicans said they were less likely. 

Many minority voters also seemed concerned that Trump's charges were politically motivated. 36.3% of African Americans and 66.7% of Hispanic voters said the conviction made them more likely to vote for Donald Trump. These groups are traditionally aligned with the Democratic Party, making this shift noteworthy.

Trump's conviction appears to have had minimal impact on how Alabama respondents plan to vote in the Nov. 5 presidential election, with 90.7% stating it did not change their intended vote. Among those who did change their minds, Democrats were more than twice as likely to reconsider their candidate of choice, with 13% of Democrats saying the court verdict changed their votes compared to only 5.2% of Republicans.

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"The results of this poll clearly show that the people of Alabama see through the political motivations behind the charges against Donald Trump," said Alabama Republican Party Chairman John Wahl. "The Republican Party firmly believes in the rule of law and that everyone should be held accountable. However, a critical part of the law is that every individual deserves a fair trial. Donald Trump did not receive a fair trial in New York last week, but he will have his chance for justice at the ballot box this November. The justice system should never be used as a political weapon, and the Biden Administration should be held accountable by the voters."

"The people of Alabama continue to stand firmly behind President Trump, and his America first policies because they make sense. The Biden Administration's failures are evident, from inflation to border security, but instead of talking about the issues facing the people of America, they resort to using the court system to attack their political opponents. It's time to get back to the issues and working towards solutions what will help our country. That is what the Republican Party is committed to doing." 

The poll was conducted for the Alabama Republican Party and sampled 1,643 randomly stratified likely general election voters across the state. The survey was conducted by phone between June 1 and June 3, with a margin of error of +/- 3.6%.

The full poll results are available: Trump Verdict Poll (constantcontact.com)

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