“Protecting children from woke policies” is a top priority for Alabama voters, according to a poll from the Alabama Republican Party (ALGOP).

ALGOP released the result of a poll on Tuesday, taken from Alabama voters across the state. The poll addressed a range of issues, from “woke” policies and access to abortion, to cutting taxes and increasing broadband. The poll used 1,610 respondents from a random stratified selection of registered voters in the state.

Of those surveyed, 36% said concerns over “woke” policies was the most important issue to them when asked the question, “Which of the following issues is most important to you personally?"

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Broken down by party affiliation, both Republicans (49%) and independents (30%) selected protecting children from woke policies as the top priority. For Democratic voters, the issue came in third place after expanding Medicaid and establishing a state lottery.

"People are tired of a liberal federal Department of Education trying to brainwash our children with their progressive agenda," said ALGOP chairman John Wahl. "Even members of the Democrat party have had enough. We need to let children be children again. Education should be about reading, writing and arithmetic, and not social engineering. It's time to stop teaching our children divisive concepts that push woke policies and transgender lifestyles, and instead support returning control to parents and local teachers. There is nothing more important to the Alabama Republican Party than protecting our children from indoctrination."

Per the poll, 25% of black respondents also selected protecting children from woke policies as a top priority, coming just second to establishing a state lottery.

Ubiquitously, expanding broadband access was the lowest priority among voters.

"As I travel across our state speaking to voters, this issue is the one that I hear from every demographic – especially when talking with parents and grandparents in rural areas that make up Alabama's Black Belt," Wahl continued. "I believe concerns over woke policies helped the Republican Party flip 14 school board seats in rural and minority districts during the 2022 election cycle. It doesn't matter what your background is, nobody wants to have their children indoctrinated,"

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