It's not if. It’s when and where. 

I heard that line – or something close to it – watching the series “Band of Brothers.” I don't remember which episode, just that I scribbled the line down. And that line sticks with me still, especially as many of us drink in urgent human conflicts near and far. 

It's not if there will be a fight, but when and where. 

That’s a reality the Germans are living right now. 

Have you seen the news stories about Germany? If not, it's no surprise, for the legacy media is doing its best to ensure no one does. In essence, German farmers have had enough of the World Economic Forum's (WEF) policies – unelected glob-o-crats, dangerous enough to starve people and then demand praise for it. 

But the farmers are fighting back, and it's magnificent. Here's what happened.

The German fight started with diesel tax subsidies and other ridiculous plans set to be removed by the German government UNDER the influence of the World Economic Forum. TPV Sean summarizes the happenings on Twitter/X: 

"German farmers have taken over the streets of Munich and Berlin, demanding their country's WEF-infiltrated government grow a spine and stop catering to Klaus Schwab's every demand. 

Tens of thousands of German farmers are now bringing the fight directly to the socialist government, railing against the new policies designed to drive farmers out of business in favor of meeting the WEF's Net Zero goals. 

According to the farmers, if the government doesn't drop its war against farmers, they will take their protests to Davos where they will personally hold Schwab and his cronies to account."

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Now it looks like the protests are breaking out in other countries, with England threatening to join the Germans in solidarity. 

It is remarkable, but perhaps fitting, that the Germans are willing to battle with their fiendish fellow countryman, Klaus Schwab. He is the delusional maniac that most world leaders are terrified of, in part because he’s commissioned their silence and bought their bravery by bringing them into ludicrous plans and evil dictates with promised positions of power. 

Unless you're from Germany, that is, and you can see through the government and the WEF because you've already experienced a profane leader. And so you know that it's TIME to fight.

You understand that when your government turns its back on you, it's not if, but when and where the battle will occur. 

But Germany isn't the only place where citizens have had enough. There aren't physical protests in these countries, yet citizens are protesting with their votes, electing leaders who wouldn't turn their back on their countrymen. 

Argentines, for example, elected conservative economist Javier Milei. He’s the man who hoisted a chainsaw over his head, demonstrating the cuts he promised to make if elected.

It turns out he's having success. After he was elected, he could be seen yelling, “AFUERA!” In English, that means “OUT” – out to policies and programs he promised he would eliminate. 

Milei recently made paper ballots, one-day voting, and voter ID requirements a thing. He just got elected! What's our excuse? 

Good things are happening in the Netherlands, too. Geert Wilders won parliamentary elections as head of the Party for Freedom. The media was shocked, of course. 

For years, Wilders lived under threat of death for daring to speak out about Islam. He even wrote a captivating book about his experiences.

Geert Wilders Alabama News

Based on what's happened in Germany, Argentina, and the Netherlands, I must ask, have the rest of us had enough? And are we, too, willing to act accordingly? Do we see our whens and our wheres? 

Because I'm having difficulty figuring out why we – the people of Alabama and the United States in general – won’t fight back. 

Why won't we strip unearned power from the State Health Officer? 

Why won't we do something about leaders who repeatedly sell us out, like the German government did to the farmers? And like our leaders did to us during COVID? 

Why won't we elect leaders not beholden to lobbying dollars? That seems like an impossible feat, but only until it's done. 

Then there’s gambling. The issue is back, and it seems foolish in the face of what's happening in Europe. But will we shut it down, despite the influence of a determined gambling lobby? 

On all levels, will we allow election fraud to continue?

Furthermore, will we deal with our border? Will we go beyond simply watching our elected officials – yes, even ones from Alabama – who talk about how awful the border is while posing for pictures, but then march back to D.C. only to tell us that their hands are tied? Be serious! 

The Germans are fighting back against Klaus Schwab. What is our excuse? 

Election season is upon us. Thankfully, Alabama citizens are out and about, regularly putting up a fight, as are a few of our newly minted elected officials who are off on the right foot. Without these people, we'd be done for. 

This election year, will we be like the German farmers or the citizens of Argentina and the Netherlands? People who understand that it’s not if, but when and where? 

Alabama, it's not if. It's when and it’s where. 

Are we ready?

Amie Beth Shaver is a speaker, writer and media commentator. Her column appears every Wednesday in 1819 News. Shaver served on the Alabama GOP State Executive Committee, was a candidate for State House District 43 and spokeswoman for Allied Women.

The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the policy or position of 1819 News. To comment, please send an email with your name and contact information to

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