Every Sunday when my opinion piece comes out, there are several different thoughts that go through my head.

Those who really know me know that my heart is to help and encourage others. That said, we don’t always agree in life and won’t always have the same opinion. But I never see this as a bad thing. In fact it is sometimes helpful to know the opinions of others and see that there are other ideas and perhaps better ways to view things.

The fact is, we aren’t all the same – we’re unique. It would be a boring world if we were all the same. Furthermore, God, in His infinite wisdom, created us in His image and for His glory. There are but two genders – male and female – and that will never change.  

Thus, it saddens me when so many people encourage those who push an agenda creating constant confusion. Have we forgotten that pushing these boundaries will only cause more heartache and devastation among many?

To address this situation, we need to look at the why. Why would men want to be women and vice versa? Does it stem from a root of not being satisfied with how God made us?

In a world where we have so many opportunities to help others, we all too often sit by the wayside, watching as evil continues to take hold of so many minds and thoughts. This evil creeps into our homes and our schools, politics and the church.

We are concerned when we take our children to school. We are concerned when we take them to the library. We can’t turn on the television or visit most department stores with our children without having to explain things and answer questions – questions about things they really shouldn’t even have to wrestle with at such young ages. It’s a truly sad time.

If we continue to take a back seat to these things, that evil will only continue to destroy our country more than it already has. So parents … when is enough, enough?

I see those who are struggling as people who are longing for some type of acceptance, but have never been able to find it. Many seek medical treatment, but not Christian counsel. I feel sure that this is a heart problem, however, and not a physical condition. So perhaps if we got out of the chair of the psychologist and into the pew of a sound, biblical church, these problems would stop. Maybe, just maybe, the questions will be answered and the need for acceptance will no longer be such a big issue. Maybe people would learn that their worth is in Christ, not in what the world or social media thinks.

No matter what happens, my opinion will not change. But my heart, however, will continue to break and my soul continue to ache for those who are missing the love and peace found through Christ.

I pray that everyone knows that God made each of us just the way we were supposed to be, and that is a wonderful thing. God makes no mistakes!

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