Have you ever found yourself badly wanting to talk to and ask advice from a loved one who has passed?

That was the place I found myself in last Friday morning. My Nanny was someone to whom I could pose any question; she would answer and almost always found a Scripture verse to back it up. As I was traveling towards my destination that Friday, I knew I would pass her final resting place and decided to stop.

I pulled a few weeds growing around her gravestone and sat there just for a moment to think. With an extremely stressful but rewarding day ahead of me, I needed to catch my breath.

As I sat there, I wondered what Nanny and my grandfather would think if they were still here today. My grandfather, not wealthy, owned a steel company and a farm. My Nanny stayed home to raise her children and worked alongside my grandfather in the garden, harvesting and putting produce up for the winter.

Times were difficult, but God always provided all their needs. I am very thankful that I could see them live this out because it gives me hope and faith that we, too, can use the skills we learned and prepare better for our future.

Today, many families are struggling. The costs of gas, food, and maintaining a home are constantly rising. Most are living paycheck to paycheck and working overtime to make ends meet. Parents are finding ways to sacrifice and homeschool their children due to the constant attempts to indoctrinate them in public schools.

Our economy is in shambles. We don’t trust the government, and things are looking quite dim.

Things seemed even more dim after watching the Republican primary debate the other night. There may have been a few glimmers of hope, but there were only a few.

The American people need honesty and backbone. We need someone to fight for those working tirelessly to provide for our families and do the right thing. We don’t need any repeats of what was done in the past and didn’t work!

Friends, we must step up to the plate and take control back. It will take sacrifice and won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.

Stop selling your land to the highest bidder and start a homestead. Barter with friends and family living the same lifestyle, cutting out big-box stores altogether. Let’s go back to a one-room schoolhouse where there are no walls for a hidden agenda. Buy locally!

Work with other families to form strong groups willing to fight back. Protect your children at all costs; they are our future.

While the clowns on the debate stage answered questions about aliens and struggled to respond when asked to show signs of any loyalty, we should press on and prepare to get this country back. Please get involved in your city and state and keep at it until they are tired of hearing you.

There is hope! With a lot of prayer and action, we can make a difference. Let’s ensure our children and grandchildren have a future of which they can be proud.

Ashley Carter is a wife, mother, and grandmother living in Elmore County, where she and her husband run Farm to Table Living and Carter Farms. Ashley serves as Controller and Executive Assistant at 1819 News. She is currently working on an inspirational book of short stories. To connect with the author of this story or to comment, email ashley.carter@1819news.com.

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