In the times we live in, there are more and more young women who seem to value fame and fortune above all else. They spend most of their days scrolling through social media, comparing themselves to the glamorous lives of influencers and celebrities.

Recently, a video of Chelsea Handler, a well-known comedian, surfaced, explaining how she never wanted to be a mother. Handler declared motherhood a burden and a sacrifice, claiming that she was proud to have chosen a life of freedom and independence instead.

Some single women may be intrigued by Handler's message at first. They feel a sense of pressure to conform to society's expectations of successful woman — to have a high-paying job, a perfect body, and a bustling social life. But as more research is done, it is easy to see that Handler's message is a false depiction of what a young woman should aspire to be.

It's true that motherhood is challenging, but it's also one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences a woman can have. Being a mother means being a caretaker, a nurturer, and a source of unconditional love. It's a role that is both selfless and empowering.

Take a moment to think about all the amazing mothers in your life — your own mom, your grandmothers, and your friends and acquaintances who are raising children of their own. These women are some of the strongest, most resilient, and most compassionate people. God places those wonderful women in our lives to teach us and to help us to live uprightly.

In the end, the life depicted in Chelsea Handler’s video is not what God has truly called us to. It does require sacrifice, hard work, and patience, but we were born ready for the challenge. And if we’re honest, deep down, most of us women don’t want to live a life like Chelsea Handler. We don’t want to prioritize our own desires over the needs of others. Instead, we would prefer to follow the special calling God has given us: people who make a positive impact on the world, just like the mothers we have long admired.

So build a life centered around the values of motherhood — love, kindness, and selflessness. It won’t always be easy — there may be long days, dirty diapers, loads of laundry and muddy floors — but it is so exciting to see where the journey takes us. At the end of the day those hard moments are lost in the big hugs, laughter, and tears we share with our children, making memories to last a lifetime.

And remember, the next time you see a younger mom with a buggy full of kids — grabbing her groceries and staring off in space, likely thinking about the million other things she needs to get done that day — stop and offer a smile or a word of encouragement. We have all been there and the last thing we need is to give into the world's ideas. It would be better to stand on God’s side with this one.

The joy of being a mother and getting to experience all the love that comes from it beats a day in the life of a single Chelsea Handler any day.

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