Two campus newspapers in Alabama appear to no longer show ads from pro-abortion nonprofit Planned Parenthood, which was aggressively advertising abortion services to college students last week. 

Earlier this month, advertisements marked with the Planned Parenthood logo read "Our Doors are Open," "Planned Parenthood Stands for Care" or "Your Care is Our Priority" on the front pages and online stories of the Auburn Plainsman and UAB's Kaleidoscope. Both online newspapers are the primary student newspapers for their campus.

The ad links to a Planned Parenthood website advertising basic sexual health care like STD testing and also "gender-affirming hormone care" and abortion services.

One link at the bottom of the page leads to, which assists women in locating abortion services even if they live in a state like Alabama, where abortion is banned. If an Alabama address is entered into the abortion finder, it displays clinics in states where abortion is legal, such as Georgia, which is legal for up to six weeks.

1819 News took screenshots of the ads and included them in a report about Planned Parenthood's advertising strategy of targeting college students in states where abortion is illegal. Less than a week later, both websites appear to have removed the ads.

Planned Parenthood has grown increasingly insistent upon targeting college students over the last decade. Pro-life student organization Students For Life released a report in March that suggests nearly 90% of all the nonprofit's facilities are located within five miles of college campuses, an 8.6% increase compared to 10 years ago. 

1819 News did not find Planned Parenthood ads in other mainstream online student newspapers in Alabama, such as the University of Alabama's Crimson White and the University of North Alabama's Flor-Ala.

Kaleidoscope appears to no longer feature ads other than one displaying its print magazine. 

Conversely, The Plainsman still displays ads from financial services corporation Charles Schwab and the Alabama Democratic Party.

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