Letter to the Editor:

Every election for every public office is important in a democracy. In the upcoming election, the election for Secretary of State throughout the country has become especially important since the Secretary of State is the chief election officer for the state and is, thus, responsible for providing elections in which citizens of the state can have confidence in free, fair and accountable elections.

Therefore, we, Dr. Wayne Flynt, Auburn University Emeritus Professor of History, and Dr. Gerald Johnson, Auburn University Emeritus Professor of Political Science, endorse the candidacy of Ed Packard for Alabama Secretary of State.

We have each known Ed throughout his career as a friend of the family, former student, and state of Alabama Director of Elections. Without exception, Ed has served the state well and, through his thirty-some years of experience as an election administrator, he is exceptionally qualified to assume the office of Secretary of State, Alabama’s chief election officer.

Ed is committed to providing leadership for the construction, maintenance and administration of fair, honest and accountable elections for every citizen of Alabama. He understands that voter confidence in the electoral processes of government at all levels is essential to the maintenance of our democracy and he is committed to assuring that those processes are in place and are administered fairly and accountably.    

We also know Ed has the personal qualities that model the best in public service--caring, responsible, honest, with integrity and commitment.

We endorse Ed Packard and solicit and encourage your vote for Ed Packard, Alabama Secretary of State.


Dr. J. Wayne Flynt                                                    Dr. Gerald W. Johnson

Emeritus Professor  of History                                   Emeritus Professor of Political Science

Auburn University                                                    Auburn University