Shinhwa Auto USA Corp. is expanding its presence in Auburn by adding a second auto parts manufacturing facility.

The new 400,000-square-foot factory across from its existing location in Auburn Technology Park West will expand the output of aluminum parts and meet future demands stemming from electric vehicle production. This is part of a $78 million growth project that will create 42 jobs over the next three years.

“This is a great example of the constant innovation and advancements in manufacturing — particularly in the automotive sector — right here in Alabama,” said Gov. Kay Ivey. “With this expansion, Shinhwa will have invested over $190 million and created more than 185 well-paying jobs since choosing Auburn as their first U.S. location. Congratulations to Shinhwa on another successful expansion!"

“We’re thrilled to see the success and growth Shinhwa has experienced in a few short years here in Auburn,” said Mayor Rob Anders. “The company has been a great addition to our high-tech manufacturing base, and we look forward to seeing Shinhwa’s impact grow along with its footprint.”

Economic developer Dr. Nicole Jones told 1819 News, “Shinhwa is a leader in the research and development of cutting-edge technologies that serve the automotive industry. The company started in Korea in 1995, and in 2019 started construction on its newest facility in Auburn Technology Park, which opened in 2020. Shinhwa now has announced the construction of a second Auburn auto parts facility, which will allow the company to diversify its customer base. Shinhwa's decision to choose the state of Alabama to establish a presence in the US is an important component of the automotive supply chain and a testament to the creation of an environment conducive for business.”

Greg Canfield, the Secretary of the Alabama Department of Commerce, stated, “Alabama has become a key player in the evolving global automotive industry, and Shinhwa’s continued growth in Auburn illustrates how our industry is preparing for the future. We look forward to working with the company to support its expansion plans and fully develop the growth potential of its Auburn manufacturing operation.”

Kwi Hyun Lee is the founder and CEO of the Shinhwa Group.

“This new facility will give us greater capacity for aluminum automotive parts, including both die casting and machining operations, allowing us to further diversify our customer base,” said Lee. “This increased capacity will give us the ability to provide greater support for the electric vehicle market here in the U.S.”

Since starting its Auburn facility in 2019, Shinhwa has steadily grown to meet the needs of the automotive industry in the U.S. including vertically integrating elements of its supply chain and increasing capacity to support both electric and combustion engine vehicle manufacturing.

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